Sunday, June 7, 2009

Show Me the Sales

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This was a good weekend for me. I first picked up this white cast iron rabbit at a new store I had been wanting to go to but couldn't until now. I really love his face and how he looks rustic. He probably would look great in a garden, but for now he resides in my living room.

I have to tell you about this purchase. My SIL, who doesn't get as excited as I do about decorating or treasure hunting, told me about a yard sale / estate sale she thought I might be interested in. It was going to be on Saturday & Sunday. After she gave me the address, I decided to drive by to see if by chance anything was being set out, or if I could see anything I might be interested in. Being as it was Friday, I knew they would be setting up. Well, there were a few cars in the driveway and I couldn't see anything, it all looked to be in the garage. So, being the true hunter...errrr...shopper that I am, I told my son Tyler that I was going to stop and pretend I thought they were having the sale then. With my best innocent face and "Oh, I thought it was today!!!" I asked if they would mind if I just looked and could they tell me what they would be having for sale on Saturday. The lady was kind enough to list the bigger items as I could see the others. And when she mentioned an antique dresser I asked if I could see it. After I was able to look at it (and no it is not an antique but a nice vintage - 1930's) I asked what price. Imagine my delight when she said $35. I said I would take it, paid her......she let me take it right then! She's pretty dusty, but in great shape and after a new coat of paint, rose appliques and some new knobs, she will be a beauty! As they say....the early bird gets the worm LOL!

I went back to the same sale the next day and picked up these new cookbooks. They are hardbacks and printed in 2005- 2007, for $1 each.

Also at the same sale I bought these vintage aprons. They were marked $2 each, but I got them all for $5. I LOVE the sheer white one.

Close up of the painted floral on the white one.

Same sale.....I got this cover dish that I will use as a cloche and fill with something. Not sure what yet. This was brand new in the box for $2.

And finally at this sale I bought the blue covered jar $2, glass dome covered butter dish $1, glass frog $1 and small strainer $1.

This bottle buoy I picked up at a different yard sale for 50 cents. I bought it for my friend's sister who is decorating her house in beach cottage decor. I get excited when I find something unique. I loved it because I have never seen a buoy like this. Hope she does too.

I had a couple more items but forgot to take pictures......I'll share them next week.
Until then,


  1. Wow. You really scored at this sale! Love the bunny! That chest has real promise too! Can't wait to see what you do with it! I've been looking for a cloche/covered dish like that!

  2. Great stuff! Can't wait to see the chest of drawers redone. Aren't garage sales fun!!??

  3. popped in from Southern Hospitality-gotta say I LOVE that rabbit!! I have some how managed to start a collection of white rabbits(not bunnies) in my dining room-its a secret though-if my mother found out I'd be inundated with fluffy cutesy bunnies before i knew it!

  4. the dresser will be fabulous when it has its new coat of paint on!!!! Happy Thrifty Monday. xo Joan

  5. Fantastic! You really found some wonderful things.

    The bunny is my favorite :)


  6. Hi Toni
    Thanks for stoping by to look at my yard sale finds!
    I would love to see that dresser all fixed up!
    I hope you post that!
    and all the glass wear !!!! you've got a great eye!
    Wonderful treasures

  7. you found some really good things, thanks for visiting my blog too :)

  8. OMG, that dresser!!! WHOA!!!!

  9. That chest is a great score! Can't wait to see what you do with it. I buy those cheese covers to turn into cloches too. Fun and cheap my two faves. I was reading your past posts. Happy BDay to Tyler and I haven't been to an auction either. Kind of like fighting for something you want. I am not very competitive. If you went let us know how it was. Thanks for visiting. I am signing up on your followers as well. Don't want to miss out on any of your finds, it is like shopping vicariously.

  10. I always think it's the POLITE early bird who gets the worm. Your worm is fabbo! ;o}

  11. Great finds! I especially loved the dresser and the covered jar! The dresser was a great deal! I loved the covered jar, so pretty!


  12. I love the white rabbit. Will he go indoors or outdoors? Also love can't wait to see the dresser when it's been redone. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking my finds. I loved that blue bowl with the lid and if I had an inch space left would have gotten that dresser to refinish. I have done that to several pieces of furniture. Love it. you got some great items. Stop by and visit again!

  14. Toni, those are great finds! Love that little dresser & I had to laugh at you stopping the day before. It really shouldn't matter to them if they want to sell stuff anyway. Great buys!

  15. OMG! You lucked out! I just love all your treasures! Thanks for stopping by and signing up for my give away!
    Hugs, Lisa

  16. Wow that was a clever way to get into the sale.:)
    Love the goodies you came home with too.

  17. That was a steal of a deal on that dresser! I'm lovin' that bottle buoy too! So cool!

  18. Great finds! Love the bunny and the dresser and that blue bowl is so pretty!



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