Monday, June 15, 2009

Roses in any form are beautiful

I'm still unpacking boxes after 8 months.......where do my days go. I don't know what happened with this move...but typically, I have all the boxes and everything put away in about 2 weeks. I like to be settled in and moving on with life......But, that was not the case with the move to Idaho :( I will say that it has been like Christmas today. I'm finding cherished items like the two rose oil paintings that were painted by a very loved Aunt. Aunt Louise passed away January 31st of this year. She was my MIL's sister. She lived in Texas and had a big, loving, fun, spirit. I have always admired her beautiful paintings and was very honored to have received these two paintings. The first one I received after she passed away and the second one, which used to hang in her mother's house, Granny Mac, was given to me after Granny Mac passed away in 1993. I have had it for several years. I have not framed them as I love them as they are. Aunt Louise painted another picture for me in 1996, right after my mother passed away. It is a picture of my mother. Aunt Louise captured the essence of my mother, exactly as I remembered her, who she was before she became terminally ill. (I will share that picture on another post).

Notice the sweet little bird.....

And these are the roses that are finally blooming in my yard.There is so many...vibrant reds, pinks, yellows, whites and a beautiful peachy color.

I think there is about 15 bushes in total.

And they all smell so wonderful........

Until Later,


  1. Just thought I'd say hello. I found your blog today through a link and thought it looked really interesting. You have lot of inspiring stuff in your blog and I love the roses paintings.

  2. Beautiful roses! I too, have several of my mother's paintings. They are such treasures!

  3. I love your roses! I have that picture of roses with the bird in my dining room. The beauty of the real roses cannot be surpassed. Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. What beautiful paintings! Your Aunt was very talented. Your roses are beautiful - I never had much luck with roses.

  5. Now that makes me wanna plant roses! How divine!

  6. Hi Toni!!
    You have two lovely keepsakess...they are so beautiful...where are you going to put them?
    Also Love your rose bushes!!
    Deb :)

  7. Hi Toni! The rose oil paintings are just beautiful! You must feel very fortunate to have been given that gift. Your rose bushes are gorgeous too!

  8. Oh pretty. And everything is coming up roses around here, especially the roses. It's been years since things have been lush like this. It's been such a long coolish spring. Beautiful.

  9. Toni: These are gorgeous! I just love roses and these paintings are so beautiful! Can't wait to see where you hang'em!

    Thank you for visiting my blog. It led me to yours! Us "tattered" girls have to stick together.

    Lou Cinda :)

  10. Those roses, gorgeous--cottonreel


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