Saturday, June 27, 2009

What can you buy for $5

Today we had a family day and spent a few hours in Weiser which is a town about 20 miles away from our home. The Annual Fiddle contest was being held this weekend. There was to be a parade, fiddlers in the park, crafters and food vendors. As we were driving into Weiser, I noticed several yard sales. We had about a 30 minute wait before the activities were to begin, so I took advantage of that time. My SIL and I decided to walk to two of the yard sales we had seen. The first sale really didn't have anything I was interested in, so off to the second one we went. Woo Hoo . . . . .Jackpot!!

Everything in the pictures below I bought for a total of $5 ! ! ! First picture is a 3 arm candle sconce, which will be painted white. Three yellow cabbage pattern bowls, a vintage glass lazy susan and a green swan vase that is marked on the bottom with "USA 806".

Close up of the three cabbage design bowls. They will make a great tablescape with the plates I bought a couple of months ago.

And this sweet little vase is my favorite find!!! It was only $1 ! ! ! I looked it up online as soon as I got home. I found out that this style of vase was offered in the 1940's by both Red Wing and Shawnee. This one is by Shawnee and is their model #806. It is in perfect condition, no chips, cracks. I'm not sure of it's worth, but I love the color and the swan!!

Another fun find. . . . .this vintage justice scales complete with original crystals was only $2, it is missing the scales but I figured the crystals were worth more than I paid for it. And a vintage cake cover, which is missing the plate, but I think I have something that will work with it. It's in great condition also and I am going to replace the handle with a vintage looking glass knob. Yeah!

This pink ornate covered box caught my eye, especially when the guy having the sale said I could have it for .50 cents! I think it looks a little frenchy.

And last but not least I purchased a white serving dish. (I had the picture uploaded, but for some reason lost it when I posted???) I have a thing about dishes especially serving pieces and I love white dishes. You can never have too many white dishes.

All this for $5 !! WOO HOO!!

We had a fantastic day with the family.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend and hitting a lot of yard sales :)

Until Later,



  1. That is soooo cool! I wish I could have only spent $5 today! We won't go into how much I did spend!! hehehe You got great treasures!! It is fun when they are a deal and you would have loved them even for a little more!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. Jeepers, jackpot is right! Wow. The swan vase is SO excellent!

  3. Whooo Hoooo for you! Love that scale and the swan vase - WOW! You did good, real good!

  4. You really got some great deals. I did not look for sales this weekend - just to hot.

  5. That is so great for $5! :O)


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