Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ready, Set, Go Junkin" !

What a wonderful weekend of junkin and yard sales! My son Tyler (who's my partner in crime) and I were ready for the yard sales this weekend. On Thursday I checked the garage sale section on Craigslist and saw a couple for Saturday that I wanted to stop by and our local paper which held more prospects. The sales we chose listed vintage and collectibles...two of my favorite words. LOL. This was definitely a weekend of treasures!! Here are just a few of the items we scored!! I have to thank my son for a couple of the items, if he hadn't pointed them out, I would have missed them! Thanks Tyler! So, here are some of the treasures we found and if you want to see who else is finding great treasures, stop by Southern Hospitality , Rhoda is having a "Today's Thrifty Treasures" every Monday. This is a sugar and creamer set I actually got at a yard sale on Thursday. Love the strawberry accent! And the cost.....$1

This is actually items from three different sales. The platter we found on Saturday for $2 (Tyler noticed the platter, thanks Ty). On the back it is stamped Watertown Lifetime Ware, Made in the USA. The white divided bowl and pink serving bowl came from the Thursday sale and are part of a set that cost....$5.

This is a set of Melmac Durawear dishes from Thursday, 8 dinner plates, 8 dessert plates, 8 cups & saucers, 8 bowls, a creamer & sugar w/lid, 8 glasses (1 has a small chip), a serving bowl & a divided dish, all for $5. I Love it!! Perfect for a picnic basket, BBQ or camping. The vintage tablecloth was purchased at my favorite store Sisters & Things for $15 and matches perfectly. (Tyler pointed out the tablecloth, again thanks Ty) The set is in perfect condition, except for the small chip on one glass.

I love this vintage rose picture. The yellow roses are in a silver vase. The cost....$1. Can you believe it?!!

At the same yard sale I got another rose picture in a silver frame for ...$2
Until later,

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What do you love about Spring?

We have been having such wonderful weather in my neck of the woods. SPRING... I think is my favorite of all seasons!! Weather is not too hot and not too cold.....Just right. Like the porridge Goldilocks found at the three bears house. Spring is the season where everything is new again, farms are welcoming new spring babies, flowers are awakening after their long winter nap, the air even has a new freshness to it. As I have been enjoying the last few days of warm weather, I realized I was actually enjoying the tasks at hand. Is it just me or have you been enjoying cleaning the house, doing the laundry, (I love the freshness you get when the sun and a light breeze dries the laundry on the clothes line :) weeding the flower beds, or any of the chores that have been put off because the weather wasn't right? So, I got to thinking (which can be a scary thing LOL) and asked myself, what is it that makes me so happy about Spring? Here is a list of a few things that I love about Spring and I want to ask all of you...What do you love about Spring??

1. Yardsale season starts (of course first on my list)
2. Warm nights
3. Flea Markets
4. Being able to open your windows
5. Smell of fresh cut grass
6. Spring bulbs emerging
7. Iced Tea
8. Awakening to the songs of the birds that have returned
9. Watching the birds enjoy the new birdbath
10. Days are getting longer
11. Sheets that have hung on the clothes line
12. New spring babies
13. Breezes blowing through lace curtains
14. Music in the park
15. Picnics and BBQ's
16. Going to the Beach
17. Collecting seashells
18. Planting new flowers
19. Going to the County Fair
20. Spring Cleaning
Yes, I love spring cleaning, why you ask? because probably like alot of you, I have packed away items I don't use in the other seasons and it's so fun to find them again, polish them up and brighten my house with them. Changing to lighter linens, softer colors in your pillows, area rugs, decor, etc. can bring a sense of freshness to your home.) Speaking of spring cleaning...I have started some of mine. Since we moved here in October and the winter season started early (I was told) I haven't completely unpacked. So that was my first project during these wonderful days we have been having. And I found a few of my favorite things, not forgotten, just not easily obtainable in my garage, oil paintings, chenille spreads, little doo dads I have collected, but miss having out to look at. Wouldn't you know it, when I found them, my camera decided to be uncooperative, so as soon as I can get it to work again, I will post the pics of my new found old treasures.
Hope you are enjoying nice weather also.......Until later,

Sunday, April 19, 2009

WOW What a week!!

It's only been a week since I last posted but it seems like forever. But WOW what a week. First I hope everyone had a great Easter with family and friends and the Easter Bunny brought you lot's of chocolate in your baskets. YUM! I have a slight addiction to chocolate. I try to do my part to keep the chocolate industry in business by having a small piece of chocolate everyday! Well, I had a wonderful Easter! Not only was it Easter but it was my birthday also. Usually, I try to ignore that I'm getting older (I really don't feel as old as I am LOL) but since my birthday was on Easter, I thought I would do what I enjoy most....Treasure Hunting!! I had my weekend all planned out. First I was going to go to one of my favorite shops , Sister's & Things, in Ontario Oregon. Lupe is the owner and her shop was the first I discovered after moving here. I LOVE her shop and have made a few purchases. So, I decided to start my weekend early and stop by her shop on friday. I was interested in a bedroom set she had which included a bed, dresser and vanity, (very similar to the one featured on page 32 in the summer issue of Country Almanac). While we were talking I mentioned that I would paint it white and probably would only want the bed, she then remembered she had another bed that she thought I would like and of course I fell in love with it and the best part was I wouldn't have to do anything to it. It was perfect the way it was!

I really love the new bed and the details on the top of the headboard. looks great with the new vanity I purchased a couple of weeks ago. Friday was a good day, but it gets even better. As I told you earlier, I had my weekend planned and was mapping my course for a saturday of treasure hunting. My youngest is my partner in crime and he was ready for the early morning start. I was up early, had my cup of chai tea w/vanilla caramel creme and was headed out to the back door to let Bear, our Labradoodle puppy, out for his morning constitution. After convincing Bear that, yes, he needed to take care of business and no not chase the cat, we were back inside and I was ready to start my day! That's when I noticed there was several messages on my answering machine and while listening to the first one (which was my older sister) and thinking she doesn't even know that my birthday is Sunday, not Saturday when it finally gets through to me what she is saying......."open your door, we are outside!!" So, I run to my front door and there in my driveway are my two sisters, Bunny & Dena and Dena's granddaughter Daria!!!! They had driven 12 hours to see me because we have never spent our birthdays apart and they weren't going to miss this one. I love my sisters! Since they were only going to be here for a couple of days, they wanted to see some of Idaho and what better way than to visit some sales. The first one we went to was The Red Dresser Sale. I purchased this candlabra. I just love it and knew it would be a perfect birthday present for my best friend who also shares my birthday. I think it would look great with some floral or greenery in the bottom.

This is a sweet baby blue coverlet that my sister Bunny bought for me at the Red Dresser Sale.

After that, we headed to a store I saw advertised on Craigslist. Again, we weren't disappointed. My sister Dena bought a vintage Tea set for her granddaughter Macie who collects tea cups and Daria bought a porcelain shoe for her mom. Bunny picked up a couple of cobalt pieces to add to her collection. I bought the triple photo picture frame and green rose dish. The pedestal dish I picked up at a thrift store. We had such a wonderful day of shopping and visiting well into the night! Easter sunday we all had dinner at my brother-in-law & sister-in-law's house. Cindy's mom cooked a ham, potatoe salad and all the trimmings. YUM!!! Then we had birthday cake and ice cream for moi. It was a fantastic weekend but over way too soon as my sisters and niece left on monday to get back for work.

These are treasures I found at an estate sale my son & I went to yesterday. The buttons are of roses and the vintage bottle says "Hair Tonic" on it, the label is fading and missing in a couple of spots. Also, I picked up the four silver items which are rug braiding I just have to find the instructions on Rug Braiding I have had for a few years now!

Close up of the bottle that will look great on the new vanity or maybe the shelf in my bathroom?
Until next time...
~Toni ~

Sunday, April 12, 2009

He gave his one and only Son.......

Wishing all of you a Blessed Easter with your families.
Hugs & Heart, Toni

Thursday, April 9, 2009

What Kind of Romantic Are You?

I just picked up the May issue of Romantic Homes. As always, the pages are filled with beautiful images, especially pages 70-75 featuring Dear Lizzie Boutique & Bistro!!! Laura is the owner and her shop is gorgeous. Her website is (more beautiful items and only a short 6 hour drive away for me) So, I'm in my jammies, in bed devouring my two new magazines (Romantic Homes & Country Living) knowing I am probably not going to bed until about 2am. I know, you're asking 2 am??? Well, I usually don't get to bed until around 11 or 12pm, after my chores are done (and there are alot of chores with 3 teenage boys, whew). My relaxing time is when I get to bed and usually Sunday morning. Since I didn't or should I say couldn't wait until Sunday to view my much awaited magazines, I decided to give up sleep to enjoy my passion. (I'll go to bed early tomorrow). So, while perusing Romantic Homes and imagining that I am going to make the Mother's Day Craft using a vintage porcelain clock (which I have) to make a photo frame and bake the Maypole Cake (something my hips do not need) there was an article asking What Kind of Romantic are you? that I thought would be fun to share. I have highlighted my answers and I am Definityly Mostly C's.

1. Favorite scent?

A. Cardamom

B. Rose

C. Vanilla

2. Most used beauty indulgence?

A. Lipstick

B. Perfume bottle

C. Hairbrush

3. Preferred color scheme?

A. Anything accented with black

B. Jewel tones

C. Whites & Pastels

4. If the house were burning what would you take?

A. Vintage jewels

B. Cut-glass collectibles

C. Grandmas quilts

5. Signature drink?

A. Vodka tonic

B. Red wine

C. Tea

6. Before bed ritual?

A. Talking on the phone

B. Reading (usually decorating magazines)

C. Listening to music

7. Summer holiday home?

A. Opulent apartment

B. Historic mansion

C. Seaside cottage

8. Favorite city?

A. New York

B. London

C. Paris

9. Always have at home?

A. Stocked referator (that's a given with 3 teenage boys)

B. Clean linens for dinner

C. Scented candles

10. You use the good china?

A. Every day

B. On holidays

C. No fancy china here-just mix & match.

Mostly A's

You are a bold romantic. You love big gestures and live for that memorable moment. You love being the hostess with the mostess, and shopping for the home is a social occasion for you. So, grab the girls and keep an eye out for daring finds. Go for the glam factor in your decorating, and don't shy away from oversized accessories. Having a home that stands out, is the center of entertaining and is filled withluxurios indulgences is pure you.

Mostly B's

You are a classic romantic. You do things like Mom used to and are happy to carry on traditions, hosting graceful gatherings and building a home that is beautiful and livable. Keep your collectible in the fore by displaying them prominently-they represent your past and your values. Find a base in neutral colors and accent rooms with splashes of color in elegant vignettes and seasonal decor. Having a home rooted in history, filled with fine collections and incoporating a few trends that fit in with your lifestyle, will keep you happy.

Mostly C's

You are a sweet romantic drawn to soft colors, intimate settings and being outdoors. You hunt for one-of-a-kind finds and don't mind digging for treasures in thrift stores and yard sales. Mix vintage patterns with retro reproductions for a pastel palette with pops of color. Keep rooms simple with a white base and let your charming finds speak for themselves. This will provide a soothing home for casual dinners, your must - have odds and ends, and just enough whimsical style to put a smile on your face.

100th Post Celebration - Tresor Marche`

Oh my......what wonderful Giveaways in the blogging world. I was visiting at Tresor Marche and Erin is having a 100th Post Celebration with wonderful gifts to giveaway. Stop by and say Hi to Erin at and leave a comment to enter her giveaway. I have only recently started my blog and can hardly wait until my 100th post , 100th followers or other milestone to offer a giveaway! Erin will announce on April 11 (the day before my birthday) who the winner is. What a wonderful birthday present if I were to win. :) Good Luck to all who enter.
Here is what she is including in the Giveaway. What Treasures!!!!! Thanks Erin.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Southern Hospitality: Are you ready to print wireless?

Southern Hospitality: Are you ready to print wireless? is a fantastic opportunity to win a wireless printer! Stop by Southern Hospitality for details and to enter this fabulous giveway. While you're there take a moment to enjoy her beautiful blog, she has fantastic ideas for decorating your home. How awesome would that have a brand new HP wireless printer!! Could you just imagine, a brand new printer, wireless (no ugly cords) you can go online with HP for free printing projects and templets (I can imagine craft ideas already!) and so many other features. Hurry over to Southern Hospitality for your chance. Thanks Rhoda.

Could it be...Are you really here?

Finally....I was beginning to wonder if you would ever show up. But, yesterday, during our wonderful warm 73 degree day, there you were! I'm so happy spring has finally reared it's sunny head!

Now, I'm anxiously awaiting for the roses, tulips and all the other blooms to arrive. For me, the first sight of blooms is officially the beginning of spring! YEAH!! I love a beautiful garden, getting your hands in the soil, planting, surrounding yourself in nature's beauty. (I do have to be honest though, I'm not as excited about the maintenance of a garden, so mine tends to look a little scrappy after a couple of months)


Until later....Toni

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


It's Tuesday and I have finally got the camera and computer to work together so I can share the pictures of my additional finds I promised to show you on Sunday. Here they are:

The tray and frame I am going to paint white. The rag rug is a wonderful soft pink fabric with an additional fabric in cream with a small rose pattern. I just love it! I wouldn't have even had the opportunity to purchase it, if it were not for my son spotting the yard sale sign!! Thanks Ty.

This blog is still a work in progress for me...I hope to conquer the computer and upload links and more pictures in the upcoming days. Wish me luck!

I hope you are having beautiful spring weather and doing what you love.....Happy Tuesday!!

Until later,

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Baby Steps...Taking my first step

This is my first step at Blogging, and I am so excited! I'm still trying to make everything work the way I want it to, so please bear with me. I wanted to start this blog because I love to go to flea markets, garage/tag/estate sales finding wonderful treasures for my home. Even better if they are a bit chippy, worn, used or shall we say well loved by their previous owners. I hope to share ideas, favorite things and inspirations with other wonderful women in the blogging world. I have been following a few of you ladies already and enjoy visiting your beautiful sites and sharing in your world. Thanks for your inspirations, beautiful places and for sharing your talents. I want to say a special Thank You to Becky at Sweet Cottage Dreams as her blog was the first one I discovered quite by accident. I had googled "Cottage" looking for ideas as I was in the process of re-decorating my sons' bathroom and her site was the first. I was pleasantly surprised by her wonderful blog. If you haven't already, stop by and see her. While tip toeing through her site I stumbled onto some other wonderful blogs and was hooked! I had hoped to start my first post yesterday, but it was such a great day for yard sales and flea markets I couldn't resist a good day of shopping. Here are a couple of the treasures I found.....

This pretty antique vanity has a special place in my bedroom!!

The two shabby french chairs and rose picture will keep the vanity company in my room too! I can hardly wait to put it all together. The cabinet with the vintage window as its door, may go into my livingroom.

I also purchased a pink rag rug (my favorite) a wooden tray, a small pitcher with flowers on the front and a small wooden frame. I hope to have a picture of them soon to share with you.

Until then.....Toni