Thursday, August 12, 2010

There's a New Girl in Town

Yes, there is a new girl in town.......or should I say at my house ;) I'm a single mom, living with sons, all of them 300% boy!! It gets a little much with all the testosterone running rampant at my house! Even the cat is a male! I have, however, managed to carve out some "girly" space in my house that is just for me! can imagine how happy I was to find this sweet gal......who was willing to brave the male.ness at my house and come home with me.
I didn't even have to pay her that much to agree to come home with me, considering her previous home was at a warehouse. She's not a young gal, she's been around for a little while. I wouldn't call her antique....she's like me....vintage.
The best part..... she loves all the things I love.....She was already looking through my stash of lace, old linens, vintage aprons.....She didn't have much when I met could say she was in her birthday suit!

Here she new roomie.......

I haven't decided which room will be her's, but I'll be sure to share when she has settled in ;)

Until later,
Toni ♥

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When one door closes.......

You do like I do and buy a new one!!! I was out and about today doing the not so fun things, like taking my mom's dog to the groomer, taking my son to get his permit....Yikes!.....when I spotted a little sign with an arrow. Being as it was only Tuesday, I was intrigued.

Closer inspection revealed that the sign was pointing towards a "Warehouse Sale" and it was just a couple of blocks away. WooHoo. First item that I spotted was this sweet door with a hefty price tag on it. The gentleman having the sale could see that I was eyeing this treasure of a door and said the words that always sing to me..."make an offer". Sooooooooo I offered him a quarter of what he had it priced at and he said...........Okay :) !!! Music to my ears! I couldn't load her fast enough! And I'm loving her color too!

I don't know how old she is, but I love all of her detail!

Don't you just love her???

The best part is....she is a lovely green on one side and white on the other. Which works out perfectly for me and where I am thinking of putting her.

And the glass is still that!
I'm working on my living room....changing the decor and trying to complete a couple of projects. This door will be part of these changes. I will share photos once I have completed more of my living room re-do.
Until Later,
Toni ♥

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thrifty Cabinet

Hope all of my Bloggy Buddies are having a great weekend. I did not go to any yard sales this weekend...Yeah I know....Can you believe it, not even one! But I still managed to get a terrific bargain that I am going to share with you.

My friend had this beautiful cabinet that I loved and I had a cabinet that she loved too. Sorry, I don't have a pic of my cabinet...but it was an armoire that was built in the late 1800's that I have had about 5 years. I loved it, but wanted to go a different direction and had in mind what I wanted. The new cabinet is a beautiful blue color, but sadly it doesn't match the colors in my living it will be painted white and distressed. I might paint the inside a different color. I have some ironstone pieces I want to display in the new cabinet along with some quilts and other treasures and I think they will display better if I paint the inside a new color. And the best part....we traded cabinets......straight!

Here's my new love.....

Don't you just love her?? I love the wire mesh on the doors, so cottagey/farmhouse/rustic. I'm excited to get her painted and filled with treasures.

Oh, speaking of treasures.......My friends Marilyn & Art are having their sale Gatherings at the School on August 6th & 7th. Click on the Link for more info. Lot's of fabulous treasures, shabby chic, garden items, antiques, rusty chippy treasures, unique items and so much more. You won't be disappointed.

Participating in Southern Hospitality's "Today's Thrifty Treasures" .

Until Later,
♥ Toni