Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Goodbye Sweet Baby Bear

I write this with a heavy heart, today my son and I had to make a difficult decision regarding our "Baby Bear". We took him to the vet to have his back left leg checked out because he had been favoring it and I thought he might have pulled a muscle. An X-ray showed that he actually had bone cancer. A very aggressive cancer. We were shocked to say the least since we just celebrated his 1st birthday, making the decision to euthanize him, very difficult. The vet explained that he has seen other cases in young dogs of this particular breed, Labradoodles. Our Baby Bear was a true joy to our family, with the sweetest temperament, a big brother to our cat and the kittens we had for a short time. The tears have flowed all afternoon for our family, in his short time he became a very big part of our family and will be missed very much.

Baby Bear seems to be smiling and very proud of himself that he claimed one of my pillows as his own.

Baby Bear staking his claim on my bed.

Playing fetch, he could do this all day long.

My sweet boy posing for the picture :)

Big Brother...........he was so gentle with the kittens even though he was a puppy himself.

Baby Bear trained so easily shortly after we brought him home, and here he is waiting to go outside. Whenever we went to the vet or groomers, I would tell him "what does a gentlemen do?" and he would sit/stay or if I told him "tell the doc/groomer thank you" he would give knuckles. He was such a sweet smart puppy and a joy to everyone he met. Because of his temperment and gentle way, I had often thought that he would make a great companion dog to visit with terminally ill patients.'s a puppy's life.
We Love You Baby Bear.