Friday, June 26, 2009

Squeezed in a little shopping time

While taking my SIL's mom to swim class today, my little eyes spied a garage sale sign. I barely seen the sign as I was driving by. Of course I did what any red blooded Thrifter would do, I slammed on the brakes, giving my passenger a mild case of whiplash (JK) and put my car in reverse!! I wasn't looking for a sale but I definitely wasn't going to pass one up either :) I'm so happy I stopped....the lady having the sale had some really nice items, some priced to sell, others I think she will still have after the sale. One that was a little pricey was a beautiful weather vane. It was a beautiful horse that was about 3 feet tall and had a base so that it could sit on the floor or on top of a table....if I had bought it I would have put it in my living room. . . . . but she wanted $55. . . . . a little out of my comfort zone :) Beautiful piece though.

I am happy with the purchases I did make. First is a floral she made in a galvanized pail. The purple flowers will have to go as they do not match in my home. But the arrangement has a good base to work with .

I really love the metal bowl on the right. It will definitely be getting a new coat of paint. I have some cement decorative balls I will put in it and it's new home will be on my coffee table. The cute little pig was one of a set of three. She had priced them individually, more money for her. But I only wanted one. The pair of metal brackets. . . . . . .I'm so proud of myself. . . . . .are for the antique door project!! I have been working on it. Woo Hoo!! I'll share progress pics on Monday :)

A close up of the pig. I love his hammered metal ears! Too cute.

Until Later,


  1. Hi Toni...
    I've been known to STOP the Jeep and back up and make a quick U-turn...that is why we were seat belts!! lol
    Can't wait to see what you'll be doing with your new finds and for sure with the DOOR!!
    Happy Weekend.
    Deb :)

  2. You did good! I doubt that I will get out for sales tomorrow. It is suppose to be 100 with heat index up to 110. :(

  3. Cool finds LOVE the Pig!!!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. Love your got some cool things!



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