Monday, June 8, 2009

Kitten Update

Here are the Mother's Day Babies....their eyes opened about a week and a half ago. And now they are wanting to explore outside of their box. My oldest twin Chris has been the surrogate "daddy" as he has kept them and little momma in his room, watching over them and announcing every little milestone they achieve. He is so attached to them as we all are and doesn't want to give up any of them. As you might remember, Miss Mittens is not our cat....she belongs to the neighbor along with about 20 cats. Shortly after we moved here, she adopted us.

They are growing quickly and becoming quite curious about their surroundings. They are also beginning to be more steady on their feet and developing their individual personalities :)

Love their little faces!!

Checking out the camera.......then blinded by the flash :( This little sweetie is the love bug :)

And this is.....the cry baby of the bunch

The little explorer....determined to go where he wants.

Until Later


  1. Awww! They are adorable! Cats are my pet of choice, but due to allergies I don't have one now. :(

  2. Oh my gosh they are soooo cute. My husband is the biggest sucker for kittens. Good thing we're not neighbors or he'd be right there gathering them all up.

  3. So sweet! I can hear their little "meeeews" right now! I finally found the yellow kitty I always wanted about 5 years ago. He is HUGE now and reminds me of a little lion!

  4. Ahh those kittens are adorable. Thanks for checking out my blog.

  5. Kittens are adorable...Thanks for coming by and love your blog. It is very cute.

    Have a fantastic day,

  6. Love you kitties!! We have quite a few at my hospital! Hope yours find homes!

  7. How precious!!
    My son loved the pictures and (tried!) counting them :)

  8. cute and curious. How many are your keeping???
    Deb :)


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