Monday, August 24, 2009 ???

I know from reading some of your blogs that Goodwill has a blog of its own and showcases other bloggers that have found thrifty treasures at their stores and how they are being used, revamped, etc. But this morning while watching Today I caught a snippet of what they were talking about. Apparently Goodwill has a website similar to Ebay where they are auctioning items from their store in Santa Ana, Ca.

Have any of you seen this? I didn't have a lot of time to check it out. I plan on looking through it more this evening. It might be kind of nice for those who don't have a Goodwill in their neighborhood to be able to shop from home. (As long as the prices are good and the shipping doesn't kill you) But I thought I would share the link with all of you.

Here it is: Goodwill Shopping

Have a great day :)

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Treasures at 1/2 Off

It's that time again to show off your thrifty treasures!! Rhoda at Southern Hospitality is hosting her weekly "Today's Thrifty Treasures". Stop by if you have a thrifty treasure to share or if you just want to see the treasures everyone else picked up.

Bridget from Bella Rose is closing her doors and she was having a half off sale. She had several beautiful items and I wish I could have taken them all. But, finances wouldn't allow it so......I came home with this little beauty for $200!! I'm LOVING it!! Please don't look at what is on the shelves as I was just trying to get some ideas of what I want to put on them :)

I also picked up the picture to the left and the red and white covered canister on the second shelf at Bella Rose's. Both at 1/2 off. The letters I bought at Kohl's 1/2 off of their regular price.

I didn't find anything at the couple of yard sales I went to. Nothing but junk and not the good kind of junk that we all love. I'm hoping next weekend is better :)
Hope you all are having a great weekend.
Until later,

I have been busy as a little bee

I finally have received the push that I needed to get some of my painting projects done! I am now consigning in a beautiful shop, Sister's N Things. Lupe is the owner and the first person I met when I moved to Idaho. She has an adorable shop in Ontario, and I had participated in her sale. After the sale she asked if I would want to consign in her shop!! That was the push! I had a garage full of treasures that needed a little Tender Loving Care. I knew what I wanted to do to transform them, but the question was. . . what was I going to do with my treasures after their transformation??? Lupe answered that question for me.

So, this morning I was up early and jumped right into my project list!! First I had a plate rack with five little drawers that had a dark brown stain finish. I sanded and primed and put a fresh coat of Behr "Cottage White". I realized after I was in the middle of everything that I hadn't taken any BEFORE pics. I know, I know, it helps to see what kind of condition the treasure was in before it found it's new life :) I will try to be better and remember to get the Before pics so I can share :) After another coat of paint I will distress it.

I love the new Cottage look of it. (and yes that is my dining room table I'm working on, that way I can have HGTV on while I'm working :)

Next is a shelf that has two doors with glass inserts. It had a stain on it also and was looking a little sad, but I could see potential. Right now it is primed and I will be painting it black.

I love this black and white toile fabric and I am going to put it on the back of the glass inserts. This piece will be getting distressed also. So Shabby French Chic don't ya think??

I will try to remember to post AFTER pics when I'm done.

Until later,

Monday, August 17, 2009

Dreaming of a New Truck for the Tattered Cottage

A couple of weeks ago Ty & I went to our town park for the annual Shine & Show featuring vintage cars. I told Ty maybe I would find a new truck for The Tattered Cottage. I could see myself tooling around in a vintage truck while I was out junkin' !! Here are just a couple of photos of some beauties that caught my eye.

I know, I know, I couldn't get many junk treasures in this beauty but I loved the color and thought it would be fun just to have!

Now this one definitely would be wonderful to have!! Check out the bed !! Think of how much junkin' treasures I could fit in there!!!!
Here's another little beauty that has Tattered Cottage written all over it :)

I LOVE, LOVE this one!!! The color of this one would bring out the baby blue of my eyes! LOL

Oooooooooh. . . . . .I'm GREEN with envy!

This little gem is black & white and vintage all over!!!

Of course, Tyler found a few he wouldn't mind having parked in our garage!!! Like this sweet vet!!

He can also picture himself behind the wheel in this one!! (Momma can see herself in this one!)

As Ty said. . . . . ."Eye Candy" with some muscle!!

This one is all MUSCLE!!

Gotta love small towns!!! The next few pictures are of the highlight of the day!!! Outlaw lawn mower racing!! We had never seen the likes of this and soooooo enjoyed it!! These lawn mowers have suped up engines and are Loud & FAST!

This guy here was so fast that I was lucky to get a picture of him. See his front tire is starting to come off the ground. FAST!!!!

I had plenty of time to get a picture of his competition! LOL

It was easier getting a picture of this speed demon when it was parked!

A little fine tuning.

Even the ladies got in on the action!! Love the pink mower.

Ty & I think we may participate in the Outlaw Lawn Mower racing next year!! Ha Ha just kidding!!
Until Later,

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thrifty Finds & A Work in Progress

I LOVE this part of the week!!! When Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality hosts "Today's Thrifty Treasures". Not only do I get show my thrifty finds but, I get to see what everyone else found!! And each week it gets bigger and bigger with more people joining! WOO HOO! So, if you found yourself some thrifty treasures this week, head on over to Rhoda's and share your treasures!!

I actually picked up these two crown crocks a couple of weeks ago at the sale I participated in but didn't get a chance to post them. These were definitely a thrifty score. . . .$5 each!! I haven't quite decided what I am going to do with them, maybe put a plant in one of them?!? Any ideas??

They're both in great condition, no cracks. . . . .

I actually bought six of these chairs. They are in very sturdy condition, very solid and not wobbly at all. I'm thinking of painting them black and recovering the seats in a black & white toile fabric I have. The best part. . . . . .$10 for all 6 chairs. Happy Dance!!

I have a table I bought a few months back and have been looking for chairs for it. Now I have them :)

Remember the foot board I showed you last week??? The one that I want to turn into a cottage sign?? Well, here is the head board to it and it's transformation. I will be painting this and distressing it also. I hope to have this finished in a couple of days.

Hope you all found some wonderful treasures!!! I'm off to do some painting :)

Until Later,


Thursday, August 13, 2009

I have to brag a little ;)

My son Tyler joined Payette River Bass Masters fishing club a couple of months ago. His first tournament was in June. Being a single mom, I didn't have the opportunity to take any of my boys fishing (nor did I really want to, fish. . . yuck!!) so Tyler has not had alot of fishing experience except for a couple of times with his uncle and previous step dad. After we moved to Idaho my boys have had alot of opportunities to hang out with their uncle and enjoy camping, fishing, shooting, quading and other "guy stuff". On one of the fishing trips Uncle Bentley noticed that Ty was a natural at fishing, especially his casting and suggested he join Bass Masters with him and fish competitively. Bentley has been in the club for a few years and has won 1st place several times.

Ty was excited and warned his uncle that he would be the one winning first place!! His first time out he placed 6th and the following tournaments did about the same. Then on his last tournament last weekend he placed 1st for total weight of the fish he caught! WOO HOO!! When he came home and I asked him how his fishing went, he said "I'm #1 !!!!".

Great job Ty!! Look at the smile on that kid's face!!

Until Later,

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm Back and still trying to catch up

I had so much fun at the Sister's n Things Vintage Garden Sale!!! It was a lot of work, but I met some wonderful people and did quite well :) Not only did I sell a lot of my treasures, Yippee, but I am now consigning at Sister's n Things!!! Lupe is the owner of Sister's n Things and was the first person I met when I moved up here. She has become a dear friend and I am truly thankful she asked me to participate in her Sale and be a part of her beautiful shop. (She will have a blog soon) Here are some pics of everyone's treasures. I took these while we were all setting up. While I was taking pictures I was shopping also. I couldn't help it, there were so many treasures!! First four pics are of Primitive Junque by Arlene. Check out that beautiful bed spring. That sold right away!!

This is Jim and Karen's booth. I traded Karen a pair of red shutters for a couple of things from her booth. And I also bought two crown crocks from her and an old glass one gallon milk container.

Check out those lamps!!

Next couple of pictures are of the treasures from Sister's n Things.

Red shutters I traded. I think those wicker chairs would look so cute planted up for the garden

Lupe has a darling shed in her backyard that she sets up as a room for her grandchildren to play in. For the sale she set it up as a vintage kitchen. My pics don't do it justice. . . .it was tooooo cute :)

More treasures from Sister's n Things

I LOVE this black buffet!!!!

Merry's booth Antwiques had some adorable pieces. I love how she paints her treasures. I couldn't help shopping at her booth also :)

Look at how cute the apron on the chair is....

Here is some of the wares I sold, complete 8 place setting of Melmac dishes, caddy. . . . .

Shabby Chic lamps, rose pics, frames. . . . .

Shabby table, more rose pictures, vintage ladder, shutters, oar, blackboards all sold. . . . .

More pics of Merry's Antwiques treasures

White cabinet and metal wall pieces I sold.

Terry and Margie's treasures from Bummer & Me Antiques

Love the blue chair!!

Another pic of Merry's Antwiques treasures

This beautiful trunk was lined with a vintage pink quilt. . . too cute!

Love the tray tables and this bed.

Until Later,