Thursday, June 4, 2009

Auctions or Yard Sales

Let me ask you a question.....if given the choice would you rather go to an auction or a yard sale?

I'm asking because a friend of mine asked me to go to an auction. I have never been but, I'm not

sure I want to go. I'll explain....from what I know of auctions, an item is presented and anyone

who is interested in obtaining it, bids on it. And if there are several people who want the same

item, the bids keep going until one by one they have reached their limit as to what they will pay

and the one who is willing to pay the highest price wins! Or something like that.

And here is why I'm not sure I want to go. There is a reason I like to shop in thrift stores, at

flea markets and garage sales. I see an item I like, I grab it and purchase it! Simple! (I like things simple....) I'm happy,

I have the item I want. There is no one else

who is going to say "I'll pay $1 more than she is willing to" and so on and so on. Then there is the
wonderful camaraderie at garage sales with the hostess having the sale and other fellow "salers".
I have gotten some of my best ideas from others at garage sales simply because my curiosity of
why they chose a particular item and asking them what they plan on doing with it. I find that with vintage items,
sometimes you get a great story, a little history about the piece from the seller making
your purchase more exciting (especially if it's a good story of how, why and when the original owner acquired it)

My friend assures me that auctions are fun, exciting and you can get some really great things at

a fantastic price. I'm still not sold on auctions.....I can't get past the idea that someone could


an item from me, one that I have already fell in love with, know the perfect spot to put it in my

home and know I wouldn't be able to live without it, because they have more money, are

competitive or they are willing to pay

more......(oh the anxiety of it all...I need some chocolate!)
So dear blogging friends, I need your words of wisdom.......what would you rather do, go to Auctions
or Garage Sales???
I'm off to get some chocolate!!! :)
Until Later,


  1. Toni,

    I enjoy both! I just started going to auctions regularly. Your friend is can get some great finds! It is also a social event...there is a community of "regulars" that attend. For me, getting to know the auctioneers and patrons is part of the fun! They also serve food! :) If you have never been to an auction, why not try it? Auctions or garages can't go wrong either way! :)


  2. Toni,
    you must go and check it out. Think of it like a game. I'm sure you will have a great time. I've heard they serve champagne:)

  3. Hi Toni, its cottonreel,thrift shops every time,in England we call them charity shops . We have a saying --charity starts at home--
    I love this sign , Newly Tattered, I,m going to make one to put on my bedroom door,very a
    ppropriate , I,m just painting my wardrobes

  4. I,d like to be in your sitting room with you, feet up , glass of wine , listening to your music----cottonreel

  5. I'm a garage sale/thrift shop person. Auctions intimidate me, and I often run out of patience waiting for the item I want to bid on.


  6. For me, it's an exercise in self control. On larger items, I set a $ ammount in my head...if it goes above that, I stop bidding and figure, "another day, another auction". I've gotten things at auctions that were all thrown in to a box together. Crazy little stuff that I'd never normally obtain. It's kind of like a grab bag and I've gotten these boxes for $1.
    Sometimes there's no one else there that wants the very same thing that I do and I'm surprised and pleased as I get something that I love for very little.
    I really like tag sales as that's where I pick up funny little cookbooks and pamphlets for next to nothing.

  7. Yard sales/thrift shops/estate sales my choice. I have been to a few auctions, bid & won. But I am like you - prefer to see a price and don't have to compete.

  8. Hi Toni, My husband and I were just talking about this tonight! A neighbor close by is having an auction and my husband is interested in going but I don't feel comfortable with it.....I am a garage sale/thrift store kind of gal too! The chocolate is even a better idea!lol Cute post!

  9. Hi Toni,
    At my first auction...I was BIDDING against myself!!! LOL...Cause I really wanted the pink carnival glass bowl..and I got it. The oval table we just bought was from a household auction and we SET a limit in our heads...and we got the table...
    I love it all...favorite is garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores, flea markets and then auctions...wait...favorite: free curbside!!!
    Humm...I think I'll be going to the thrift store tomorrow.
    Deb :)

  10. I've never been to an auction but I think I want to go to one now

  11. I prefer thrift shops and garage or yard sales for the same reasons you stated. It's to easy for me to get caught up in bidding on something I want and overspend. It ends up not being the bargain I had hoped for when that happens.

  12. I've never been to an auction. Think I would be intimidated by it all... I love strolling through garage sales and visiting "my" favorite thrift store!
    Hope you have a beautiful weekend!


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