Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today's Thrifty Treasures

It's that time again, Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality is hosting Today's Thrifty Treasures (my favorite) and everyone is joining in to share their fabulous finds! Can I just say this...I Love Rhoda's "Today's Thrifty Treasures"! I love sharing the great treasures I got and seeing every one's great finds!! It makes my heart beat faster to see all of us finding items we can use to make our houses homier, our chores easier and sometimes just make us smile. Thanks Rhoda for allowing us all so much fun!!

On Saturday, I decided to have a yard sale to get rid of some of my "stuff" that was overtaking my garage / work space. And being the true thrifty shopper that I am, I took a very small portion of the money I earned from my sale and went to the thrift store! Here is what I got.......

Two books, The Nanny Diaries & Rebecca Wells "The Ya Ya's in Bloom" LOVE this book, $1 each. Remember my two little white birds from last week? This week I found the cute little cage thingy for them .99 cents :) And for .49 cents a new soap dish for my kitchen sponge.

Framed tile with word "Family" $1.49. I'm going to paint the frame black.

Remember the two set of square plates I got a couple of weeks ago??? One set was a burgundy red color and the other was green?......wellllllll I found these two adorable leaf plates that match exactly!!! for..... are you ready for this? .59 cents each! Yeah! (Happy Dance) I see a beautiful fall holiday table scape in the making :) Also, a cute little picture for my kitchen, I will paint the frame black also.

Here is a close up of this sweet little plate. Lovin' it!

Last, but not least is two, yes two beautiful decorating books....Country Living's 750 "Great Ideas for Decorating on a BUDGET" (definitely a book for me) originally $24.95, I paid $2.99!! And, Better Homes & Garden's "Style on a BUDGET" (another book that definitely had my name on it) Original price $14.99, I paid $1.49!!!

And this beautiful golden wooden thingy...I have no clue what it is, but I couldn't resist it's beauty and at $2.00 I brought it home. It has a lid on top that is removable, but there is a solid top directly under that????? I'll figure out something to do with it :)

How was your shopping?? Go on over to Rhoda's and tells us all about the great treasures you found :)

Until Later,


Come On In on friday while I was in my garage working on a couple of painting projects, well at least the prep work to paint. I was noticing that my work space seemed smaller . Hum....what could be causing this??? Could it be the kids' bikes?? No, they have always been in the garage. Maybe it's the holiday, couldn't be them, they have always held residency in the garage also. I know...maybe the garden tools?? No, not the tools, they have always had their small little corner to live in. Well, it definitely couldn't be any of MY things!! I mean they only take up 98% of the garage. That's not very much! After about an hour of trying to convince myself that I didn't have too much stuff I started to go through the boxes and stacks and it hit me like a brick.........I have too much stuff, some I couldn't remember the last time I had seen it. Sooooo, being the good junker that I am, I decided to have a yard sale and pass my treasured junk on to my fellow junk sisters! Just to let you know, when I have a yard sale...I pretty much just set up tables, put the "treasures" on the table and post a sign in my yard. I don't like to mark prices, post signs all over town (I hate going back and taking them all down, soooo I asked my son's girlfriend if she would do it, she's a great gal!) I really take the lazy, errr easy way of putting together a yard sale. I'm sooo much better as the buyer than the seller!!

So, I remembered to take pictures half way through the sale to share with you. I had some furniture pieces (Sorry no pics) that I had re-done awhile back that made a couple of ladies very happy. I apologize for the poor photo's, I really am going to get a new camera :)

These garden trellis pieces have been used as room dividers, a headboard, but never a garden trellis! Go figure LOL!

Don't ask about the fish...I had beach cottage decor, whites, creams, beiges, soft blue and someone gave me that fish.....I had meant to paint it white....but...............? Loved the wooden heater grate, I had put the star fish on it and it hung above the window in my shower.

I just do not have wall space for this gorgeous rose picture (Sigh)

And, here are the gals......they no longer fit in my decor, I loved this picture!

Here is a close up of the "Bathing Beauties!!" is my confession........I truly have a problem!!! See the rabbit?? I was looking at him, remembering how much I liked him and how excited I was when I found him at Goodwill for $1.98 and I just couldn't sell him! So, I found myself shopping at my own yard sale!! He wasn't the only purchase I made!

See this darling little divided caddy??? I purchased it too, what was I thinking?!!?(Actually no money exchanged hands as this was my yard sale) He has so many uses, how could I even consider selling him!

And these two pictures with the replica vintage purses....too cute...I'm sure I can find someplace for them ;) Maybe in a giveaway??? I'm telling you, it's a sickness!

This rooster used to hold my two favorite cookbooks, but I now have a cupboard that holds all my cookbooks. So, I said goodby to him.

I loved these lamps (I wish you could see how beautiful they are, bad camera, bad camera!) The shades were a soft sage color with cystal beads in the "fur" trim and the base was a soft cream color. I have new ones that I need to paint (I'll be sharing them on Rhoda's Today's Thrifty Treasures)

And this candlabra hung over my bathtub with alot more crystals on it (I have since used them in other creations). Love a candle lit bath :)

Hope you enjoyed your time at my yard sale.............
Until Later,

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I've been "Tagged" and I'm Tagging You

Cassie at Junk Fest has been tagged and she has tagged me and 5 others. What a fun way to get to know everyone! The rules of the game are: The person tagged has to list 6 things about themself and tag 6 other people. Check out what six things Cassie listed @ her post "Tag! I'm It" and see what the others had to say about themselves.

Six Things About Me (Only 6?!?! LOL) Here goes:

1. I am a single mother of 3 fantastic sons. (Which I consider my miracles as I only had a 10% chance of ever having children) They are my greatest joys in life :)

2. I can never pass a garage / yard sale without stopping. (You never might find a treasure) Believe me, I have tried!! But I always end up turning around and going back. We have been late to a few functions :)

3. I'm the youngest of 5, two brothers, two sisters, then me. I'm the baby and the tallest.

4. My mom taught me to whistle when I was four and I can whistle LOUD. My boys know my whistle and come when they hear it. :)

5. My mom accidently ran over me when I was 5, I was playing in a cardboard box in the driveway (we lived waaaay out in the country and what can I say??) and she was talking / looking at my brother and didn't know she stopped the car on top of me. We're talking a 57 Dodge, solid steel, very heavy! My sister came out and said "Mom, the car is on Toni". I received a broken collar bone and shoulder blade. (Lucky!) The small town doc couldn't cast it so he put strong tape over my shoulder and around my chest to hold it in place while it healed. My dad asked where I got the one arm t-shirt and I told him "It's NOT a's a bandaid !" :)

6. Growing up we lived on a turkey ranch. All of us kids had jobs on the ranch, my sister & I gathered eggs. My older sister & mom cleaned & boxed the eggs for the hatchery and my dad took care of all the turkeys, about 30,000!

Okay, here's the six I'm Tagging:

1. Megan @ White Flower Farmhouse

2. Deb @ Garage Sale Gal

3. Robin @ My Blessed Nest

4. Kammy @ Small Home In The Country

5. Kathleen @ Musings From A French Cottage

6. Glenda @ Dab Of This And That

Okay it's your turn. List 6 things about yourself, tag 6 other people and be sure to link back to me. TAG YOU'RE IT !

Until Later

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

White Flower Farmhouse

I was over visiting Layla @ The Lettered Cottage and she had shared a new website that she had stumbled upon White Flower Farmhouse. It's a beautiful shop featuring :

refurbished and hand crafted furniture, vintage garden decor, antique, flea market, and salvaged finds.

Here are some pictures courtesy of White Flower Farmhouse to give you a peek at the beautiful items available on their website.

White Flower Photo

White Flower Photo

White Flower Photo

White Flower Photo

White Flower Photo

White Flower Photo

White Flower Photo

White Flower Photo

Lori (owner) & Megan are the two talented ladies behind the makings of this wonderful shop. And they have blogs too. You can follow Lori as she shares her favorite frugal design tricks and "tried and trues"! here And follow Megan as she shares the ins and outs of shop life and endless project making! here

Here, I have shared the two purchases I made. I have to tell you, it was difficult to decide what I would purchase as they have so many beautiful things...I wanted them all!!

I love this urn! The details on the inside are so pretty. It's actually going on my coffee table.

I think this is so pretty!! My camera does not do it justice.

The marquee letter for our last name $4.00 (Did I tell you they had wonderful prices too)

And, because they are so sweet......they included in my package this lovely scented sachet and organic facial scrubber. Thank you Lori and Megan!! :) And they ship so quickly too, my package arrived in TWO days!!!

Looking for that something special for you or your home?? Stop by White Flower Farmhouse

I know you will find what you are looking for :)

Until Later


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Treasures at a Thrifty Price

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality is hosting Today's Thrifty Treasures.

Well, I went out saturday with the hopes of finding a great yard sale, but sadly that was not to be. So, not to be discouraged I decided to see if I could find a new thrift store. Instead of one I found 3! Yeah!! At the first store I found the two little white birds @ .10 cents each and the glass dome (I believe it is a glass sconce) for .35 cents. At the second store I found the pewter strawberry shaped dish .99 cents...too cute!

At the third thrift store I picked up this gold frame for .79 cents, can you believe it!! It's in perfect condition. It will go with the other two I picked up last week. I have a project idea for all three gold frames.

Then, at the Savers thrift store I picked up the cute cherub angel for .99 cents and the HEAVY cast iron scottie dog for $2.99 (I have someone in mind that I want to give him to)

And because I saved soooooo much on my treasures from the thrift stores, I splurged a little bit and bought this piece of iron fencing from a lady off of Craigslist. I had actually called her to buy the little white table below. She had a few pieces in her garage and when I spied the iron I asked if it was for sale. Lucky for me it was!!! $36 dollars later I had more treasures for the house.

This is an older table that she painted and distressed, bonus...I don't have to do anything :)

And I love the original wood rosettes on the legs.
So what thrifty treasures did you find??? Stop over at Rhoda's to see what everyone else'll love the thrifty prices and wonderful treasures :)
Until Later

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Beckoning Unnoticed

I have spent most of the morning putting away the treasures that I found yesterday. Finding just the right spot, some (the picture frames) will have to wait as I have plans them. I love the treasure hunt so much, finding the perfect piece to complete a space. But I think I love finding the right place for it in my home just as much. It may take me a couple of times to find exactly where it belongs and will live for awhile in my home, but I always know when I have found it as I feel the smile come across my face and my heart says perfect!! Well, while I was enjoying the moment, my son Tyler came in to tell me he removed a post from the middle of our yard (previous family put it there, we never could figure out why) and could I come out and see his handiwork. He was pretty proud as over 3 feet of it was packed pretty good in the dirt. When I stepped outside I couldn't believe what greeted me.........Just look at that beautiful blue sky!!! And the temperature is perfect!!! 77 degrees.
I thought to myself, look at this beautiful day and I have been inside completely unaware of the gorgeousness (new word LOL) puttering around when I could be out here enjoying it. I didn't know what to do see, when I lived in Cali I would have already been working in my yard, had my potted plants on the patio, maybe some new annuals coloring my landscape. But here in Idaho, I'm still adjusting to the weather. So my yard is, to say the least, a little on the shabby side (not the good Shabby LOL). Ty started up the mower and I went to work on weeding the flower beds. I love a beautiful yard and this one will be a challenge as it has been neglected for awhile. Just getting it mowed and trimmed, and the beds weeded will be an improvement! I hope to have a new camera soon, so I can share some pictures of all I have been doing around our home. I have a lot to show :) Hope you are having beautiful weather and enjoying your weekend.
Until Later

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Today's Treasures with Ty

This is a post I did on Saturday of my "Thrifty Treasure" finds and wanted to share on Rhoda's "Today's Thrifty Treasures". Stop by Southern Hospitality and see the Thrifty Treasures everyone else found!

What a day! My son Tyler and I had so much fun!! We arrived at "Idaho's Largest Yard Sale" a little after 7 am, ready for the hunt. I have to tell you, it was not the "largest" yard sale, but it still had some treasures to be found. I had a list of furniture pieces I wanted and decided to look for them first. The 4th booth I spotted, had just what I was looking for. Unfortunately on closer inspection, all of her furniture already had "SOLD" signs on them. And this was just after opening!! One woman told me that the people participating in this sale were allowed to shop around the other booths before they opened to the public. (Note to self...participate in the sale next year LOL). Tyler had gone in search of his own treasures...knives, swords, etc. (it's a guy thing, I guess) while I went from booth to booth, not wanting to miss anything. I had some lovely chats with people and did manage to find some bargains:

16x20 gold frame in mint condition $2, 5x7 gold frame $1, topiary picture w/black frame $1, basket picture $1, rooster $1, needlepoint in ornate frame 75 cents.

Close up of needlepoint and rooster. I love both of these little treasures!

Fruit basket $2, planter $1, white jars (that are perfect for my bathroom) and "family" blocks $3

Two sets of dinner plates, 4 green and 4 red $5. I love the square shape of them.

After shopping for a couple of hours, we had lunch and then went to a Sporting Good store that is going out of business and I purchased a 10' x 10' "pop up" canopy for $60 regularly $149. Yeah! I have been wanting one for a couple of years, but didn't want to spend a lot.
Hope you had a wonderful thrift filled Saturday.
Until later

Friday, May 15, 2009


Ok, so tomorrow is the BIG "Idaho's Largest Yard Sale" being held at Expo Idaho. They have been promoting this for a couple of months and I have been anxiously anticipating the wonderful deals that I know I will find. I have been marking the days off on my calendar waiting for this wonderful treasure hunting event to come. And in just a few hours I will be shopping my little heart out. I say few hours because my alarm is set for 5 am. The sale starts at 7am. I feel like the Disney commercial with the little boy and girl and the parents tell them to go to sleep because they are going to Disneyland and the little boy says "I'm too excited to sleep" That's me, too excited to sleep. The Trooper is filled with gas, my list of must haves to make my heart go pitter patter is in my purse, donuts for my son are in the front seat and my shopping basket is in the back. I am READY!!! I feel it in my bones that there will be treasures for the taking and bargains galore!

My son Tyler just peeked in to remind me that I need to go to sleep or I will probably sleep through my alarm...Like I would do that! So, I'm thinking....why sleep at all....why not drive over there now and be the first in line!?!!? Makes sense doesn't it?? The early bird gets the worm! I mention this to him and he looks at me with that know the mom is crazy. He explains in the way only he can that doesn't have me telling him that he is grounded, women my age need their rest to be at their best! He didn't use those words exactly (lucky for him) but he's right though, I do need my sleep and all the strength I can be able to get in there and get the BARGAINS!!!!

Wish me luck!

Until later

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Arrivals

This is Miss Mittens, she is the neighbor's cat (one of about 15) that has adopted our family since we moved in. She comes every morning to our back door asking for food. We are all animal lovers and my boys have a tender heart for kitties. Unbeknownst to me, my oldest had started feeding and even named her "Miss Mittens" long before I was aware she was visiting every morning. One look at her face and seeing her sweet loving personality, I was hooked. We noticed about three weeks ago that she was pregnant. To say the least, my boys were ecstatic! I on the other hand knew as cute as they can be, we would not be able to keep all of them. Miss Mittens is an outdoor cat & she prefers it. She does love her daily rubs and attention.My sons decided to make a spot for her, for when she has her kittens. (they chose the chimnea we are not using, on our patio) Early morning yesterday when I went to feed her, she was acting a little different, meowing more and rubbing my legs, finally she jumped in and out of the spot my sons had made for her. Curious, I looked in and there were three of the sweetest newborn kittens. Miss Mittens was so proud and wanted to show me. Then I thought about it, she must have had them on Mother's Day! On Sunday, I had noticed her laying in her spot the boys had set up and looking like she couldn't get comfortable and I had said to the boys it would be kitten time soon.

The boys were at school, so I left them a note letting them know Miss Mittens had her kittens. Before I returned home from work, she had decided to hide them. We were worried as there are alot of tom cats, so we hunted and hunted until we found them. Not an easy task when it's dark.

They have a home for now in my oldest son's room. My sons are big young men. The twins are 6'7" and my youngest is 6'4" and to see them be so gentle, loving and caring to these tiny little beings, just melts my heart. We are all in awe of another of God's miracles, these precious little kittens.

My sons tried to convince me that it was sign she had three kittens. One for each of them! LOL