Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Tuesday ! !

A friend of mine sent me an email with a group of various photos including this one. I don't know the source of this photo, but I thought it was cute and wanted to share with you :) Hope you have a great day!
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Repost - This weekend's Thrifty Treasures

I'm reposting the Thrifty Treasures I picked up this weekend so I can participate in Rhoda's "Today's Thrifty Treasures". Did you get some great deals this weekend? Want to share them with everyone? Head on over to Rhoda's Southern Hospitality and share them with all of us. Be sure to check out all the treasures everyone else found :)

From the yard sale on friday, this cute floral arrangment in a galvanized pail. I will be replacing the purple flowers with some new ones.

The bowl on the left will get a new coat of paint, love the little pig with the hammered metal ears. And the two metal brackets are for the antique door project.

Close up of pig. I spent $20 total on all of these items. A little more than I wanted to spend. . . . .but I love each piece.

The next few pictures are the items I picked up at a sale on saturday. I paid $5 for all of this!!!

The 3 arm candle sconce I will paint, love the vintage glass lazy susan. The green swan is a "USA" pottery piece in perfect condition and the 3 yellow cabbage pattern footed dishes will look great in a tablescape.

Close up of bowls. Aren't they too stinkin cute???

My favorite find.......and only cost $1 . . . . Woo Hoo!!!

Made in the 1940's by the Swanee company.

Another fun find was the vintage justice scales with the original crystals, the scales are missing, but for $2 I figured the crystals were worth more than that :) And the cake cover, which is missing the plate. . . . .I'm sure I have something that will work. I am going to replace the knob with a vintage glass knob :)

Cute ornate pink "frenchy" looking covered box.

White serving dish. . . . . .can never have too many dishes :)

Total for saturday's treasures:

Candle Sconce .25
Glass Lazy Susan .50
3 footed bowls .75
Swan vase 1.00
Pink box .50
Scales 2.00
Cake cover FREE

TOTAL $ 5.00 Woo Hoo!!

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What can you buy for $5

Today we had a family day and spent a few hours in Weiser which is a town about 20 miles away from our home. The Annual Fiddle contest was being held this weekend. There was to be a parade, fiddlers in the park, crafters and food vendors. As we were driving into Weiser, I noticed several yard sales. We had about a 30 minute wait before the activities were to begin, so I took advantage of that time. My SIL and I decided to walk to two of the yard sales we had seen. The first sale really didn't have anything I was interested in, so off to the second one we went. Woo Hoo . . . . .Jackpot!!

Everything in the pictures below I bought for a total of $5 ! ! ! First picture is a 3 arm candle sconce, which will be painted white. Three yellow cabbage pattern bowls, a vintage glass lazy susan and a green swan vase that is marked on the bottom with "USA 806".

Close up of the three cabbage design bowls. They will make a great tablescape with the plates I bought a couple of months ago.

And this sweet little vase is my favorite find!!! It was only $1 ! ! ! I looked it up online as soon as I got home. I found out that this style of vase was offered in the 1940's by both Red Wing and Shawnee. This one is by Shawnee and is their model #806. It is in perfect condition, no chips, cracks. I'm not sure of it's worth, but I love the color and the swan!!

Another fun find. . . . .this vintage justice scales complete with original crystals was only $2, it is missing the scales but I figured the crystals were worth more than I paid for it. And a vintage cake cover, which is missing the plate, but I think I have something that will work with it. It's in great condition also and I am going to replace the handle with a vintage looking glass knob. Yeah!

This pink ornate covered box caught my eye, especially when the guy having the sale said I could have it for .50 cents! I think it looks a little frenchy.

And last but not least I purchased a white serving dish. (I had the picture uploaded, but for some reason lost it when I posted???) I have a thing about dishes especially serving pieces and I love white dishes. You can never have too many white dishes.

All this for $5 !! WOO HOO!!

We had a fantastic day with the family.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend and hitting a lot of yard sales :)

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Squeezed in a little shopping time

While taking my SIL's mom to swim class today, my little eyes spied a garage sale sign. I barely seen the sign as I was driving by. Of course I did what any red blooded Thrifter would do, I slammed on the brakes, giving my passenger a mild case of whiplash (JK) and put my car in reverse!! I wasn't looking for a sale but I definitely wasn't going to pass one up either :) I'm so happy I stopped....the lady having the sale had some really nice items, some priced to sell, others I think she will still have after the sale. One that was a little pricey was a beautiful weather vane. It was a beautiful horse that was about 3 feet tall and had a base so that it could sit on the floor or on top of a table....if I had bought it I would have put it in my living room. . . . . but she wanted $55. . . . . a little out of my comfort zone :) Beautiful piece though.

I am happy with the purchases I did make. First is a floral she made in a galvanized pail. The purple flowers will have to go as they do not match in my home. But the arrangement has a good base to work with .

I really love the metal bowl on the right. It will definitely be getting a new coat of paint. I have some cement decorative balls I will put in it and it's new home will be on my coffee table. The cute little pig was one of a set of three. She had priced them individually, more money for her. But I only wanted one. The pair of metal brackets. . . . . . .I'm so proud of myself. . . . . .are for the antique door project!! I have been working on it. Woo Hoo!! I'll share progress pics on Monday :)

A close up of the pig. I love his hammered metal ears! Too cute.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Post It & It Will Get Done

I know, it's a weird title for this post.....but I had an idea (which can be scary sometimes LOL). Well, my idea was..... if I posted some of my To-Do List items in their "Before" state, I would be encouraged to get them done and share the "After" photos with all of you in Blogland. Nothing like putting a little pressure on oneself to inspire me to take an idea to a finished project. Of, course I don't know if this is really going to work, but at this point, I'm willing to try anything to get my To-Do List completed. I know it would get done, if only I worked on the projects a little each day......but have I mentioned that I procrastinate a little bit when it comes to actually completing a project. I mean, I have lists and lists of ideas all over my house. Every time I see a new item someone has created in Blogland, or in a magazine that I want for myself, I add it to my list. I have even gone as far as buying the needed supplies to complete these wonderful craft projects, but sometimes that is as far as I have gotten.

So.............here are the "Before" pictures.

These three adorable little wire cages with the fleur de lis on top caught my eye when I was at Crafter's Warehouse on Monday. I was there just looking around, when I spotted them. I convinced myself that it was okay to buy them as they were on sale at a ridiculous price I might add :)

A close up of the cage, it has a finish very similar to a galvanized pail.

Two little shabby birds were also on sale. Only two styles or I would have bought more.

Wooden shabby finials that will be used in a project involving the antique door shown below.

This amazing late 1800's farmhouse door I actually salvaged from a pile of barn wood. The owner of the property decided to tear down both structures and a friend of mine thought I might want some of the barn wood. While digging through the pile of barn wood, I spotted this beautiful treasure and knew instantly what I wanted to do with it. This will be my project to work on this weekend.

It has the original wood carvings on the front. It's missing the window, but that is okay with me.

Look how pretty this little rosette is :)

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Monday, June 22, 2009

I Won!!

I can't believe it...I actually won a giveaway! And yes, I am doing the Happy Dance right now! I didn't even know that I had won until I read a comment on my blog from Crystal at Olive Rue congratulating me on my win!! So, knowing that there were only a couple of giveaways that I had entered, I checked to see which one I had actually won. Imagine my surprise to discover it was the giveaway hosted by the very talented Melaine at My Sweet Savannah!! WOO HOO!! I had actually posted about her giveaway. If you haven't been by to see her beautiful blog or Etsy shop, stop by and check out all of her wonderful talents! Not only will you be inspired by her beautiful photos, her fun and easy craft projects but also with her talents in decorating, her specialty is children's bedrooms, Be sure to stop by her Etsy shop and see all of the beautiful items she has for sale, I know there will be something you will just have to have and she has great prices too!! (my wish list is pretty long for items in her Etsy shop :) There are so many wonderful giveaways in Blogland and it is such an honor to win any one of them. Thank you so much Melaine!!
Here is what I won:

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Horseshoe Daze and Yardsales

Our little town of about 1500 is having their annual celebration. I'm not too sure what the celebration is all about but, the town paper stated it was "the biggest celebration that will light up our town"! And with our new sidewalks in place (yes we just got sidewalks) will be ready for some stompin' and shoutin'! Included in the festivities will be the rubber duck races down the canal, outlaw lawn dragster race, antique tractor pulls, the Senior Center is hosting a BBQ, and a band will be playing music at the First Baptist Church. The best part...... an All Town Yard Sale! We thought it would be a great way to spend a Saturday, with all the small town charm. I grew up in a small town much like the one we are living in, so I knew my boys would enjoy the tractor pulls and outlaw lawn dragster races and we could all enjoy the music and BBQ. So, before the festivities started, off I went to visit all the yard sales...Woo Hoo! There was quite a lot of yard sales, but only a few gems.

I lucked out at the first one and picked up this rooster rug (to go with all the other roosters I seem to have all around my house) for $10. I don't know why, but I'm drawn to them, must be the country girl in me :)

At the same yard sale I picked up the candle holder with the fleur de lis design and the 3 pot plant hanger, both were a $1 each. I'm going to put the candle holder in the bathroom I started the re-do on, that I shared in an earlier post.

And at three different sales I picked up the hutch on the left (I have a table it will go on) and the shabby chic shelf on the right. My favorite piece is the beautiful antique lamp from a neighbor's grandmother's estate......

Side picture of the cute hutch.......

Just look at how beautiful this lamp is and with the original crystals!!!!

See the flower and leaf detail?!!............

Are you ready for this??? $15 for that lamp!!! I had asked the lady having the sale the price on a vintage bed I was interested in, she said $50 for the bed, when I didn't respond she then said, "you're supposed to come back with a counter offer". We both laughed and then she caught me looking at the lamp and quickly she said, "$20" of course I said $10
and when she said she would go as low as $15. I said SOLD!! She didn't have to tell me twice LOL :) That was my best buy...Woo Hoo!!
Hope you all are having a great weekend.
Until Later,

Hop on over to Southern Hospitality and see all the other great thrifty finds everyone is sharing with Rhoda.

Working on my "To Do" List

We all have that dreaded "To Do" list. And I certainly have what seems to me, a very long To Do list. It probably wouldn't be that long of a list if I. . . . . . .1) Worked on it on a more regular basis,
2) Quit adding more craft / re-do projects before I completed the ones already on the list. (I'm the type that when I see all the beautiful creations everyone is sharing in Blogland, I tell myself, I can do that and then I add it to my list) 3) Be more realistic about the time I have to do some of these projects....unless I'm willing to stay up all night.....NOT.....I need my 7 hours of sleep or I'm a little bit of a grump :)
So yesterday I tackled a couple of items:
First is a wall mount magazine holder. I didn't get a "before" picture, but it was a natural wood color. So I painted it Heirloom White and added a simple rose applique.

Close up of the rose.........I am really happy the way it turned out so far. Simple but Sweet. I still want to distress it up a bit. Then I think it will be perfect.

Next is a piece I bought at a yard sale for $3. I loved the shelf but not the wood stain. It just wouldn't work with the rest of the decor in the room I plan to hang it.

So. . . . . . . . after a couple of coats of black spray paint. . . . . . . I think it is on it's way to being a beautiful piece. The sunlight is causing it to have that shiny look, it really isn't shiny.

After a couple of passes with the sander to distress it a little bit, I think it will be just what I had envisioned.

That's TWO items I can check of my list :)

Until Later,


Friday, June 19, 2009

Gotta Love Giveaways!!!

Melanie at My Sweet Savannah is having a fabulous giveaway. Stop by and leave a comment to enter. If you haven't been by her blog before...you're in for a real treat. She is a very talented gal. The first time I discovered her talents was on Rate My Space. Look at what she is offering on her giveaway:
A pillow case covered in sweet vintage Paris postcards....
White pot with black crown and a Tyler candle company candle "intense".

Woo Hoo ......great giveaway, seriously, who wouldn't want to win these fabulous gifts.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Roses in any form are beautiful

I'm still unpacking boxes after 8 months.......where do my days go. I don't know what happened with this move...but typically, I have all the boxes and everything put away in about 2 weeks. I like to be settled in and moving on with life......But, that was not the case with the move to Idaho :( I will say that it has been like Christmas today. I'm finding cherished items like the two rose oil paintings that were painted by a very loved Aunt. Aunt Louise passed away January 31st of this year. She was my MIL's sister. She lived in Texas and had a big, loving, fun, spirit. I have always admired her beautiful paintings and was very honored to have received these two paintings. The first one I received after she passed away and the second one, which used to hang in her mother's house, Granny Mac, was given to me after Granny Mac passed away in 1993. I have had it for several years. I have not framed them as I love them as they are. Aunt Louise painted another picture for me in 1996, right after my mother passed away. It is a picture of my mother. Aunt Louise captured the essence of my mother, exactly as I remembered her, who she was before she became terminally ill. (I will share that picture on another post).

Notice the sweet little bird.....

And these are the roses that are finally blooming in my yard.There is so many...vibrant reds, pinks, yellows, whites and a beautiful peachy color.

I think there is about 15 bushes in total.

And they all smell so wonderful........

Until Later,

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Heart Yard Sales and Bargains

Can I just say that this is my favorite time of the week!! After hitting the yards sales all weekend I look forward to sharing them with everyone in Blogland. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality is hosting her weekly "Today's Thrifty Treasures". If you have picked up a treasure this weekend , at a thrifty price, go on over to Rhoda's and link up. Share what you found and see what thrifty treasures everyone else got.

The first four pictures are items I picked up at one yard sale on Friday. This first picture shows everything I got for .50 cents each. No, that wasn't a typo. Everything was .50 cents, including the green Franciscan plates!!!! She had a complete set in mint condition for $35 that I didn't buy but I think would have been a beautiful set for Kim at Daisy Cottage as it had green and yellow flowers on a white background. Included in this picture....3 Franciscan serving plates, 1 covered cookie jar, 1 eight cup Pyrex measuring cup, 1 glass vase, 1 apothecary jar, 1 Philadelphia cream cheese cheesecake cookbook and 5 custard cups.

This next picture includes everything that was .25 cents (except for the cheesecake pan w/additional bundt insert for $1) Included are angel dish, small apothecary jar, small white baking dish, 2 packages of 8 blank cards (both packages for .25) and 2 tin cans.

This I think was my most exciting find. A box full....of these vintage electric Christmas candle decor. A BOX FULL and they are in mint condition and all work for $2 total!!!!

Close up of base of electric Christmas candle decor.

This was my funniest find and was only $3.

A brand new.......Coldwater Creek purse, perfect for spring and summer, only $1!

Another gold frame for a project .75 cents, birdhouse stake for garden, .75 cents and fluer di lis for $1.

Grand total for this weekend's garage sales $15.50. Woo Hoo!!
Until Later,