Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today's Thrifty Treasures

It's that time again, Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality is hosting Today's Thrifty Treasures (my favorite) and everyone is joining in to share their fabulous finds! Can I just say this...I Love Rhoda's "Today's Thrifty Treasures"! I love sharing the great treasures I got and seeing every one's great finds!! It makes my heart beat faster to see all of us finding items we can use to make our houses homier, our chores easier and sometimes just make us smile. Thanks Rhoda for allowing us all so much fun!!

On Saturday, I decided to have a yard sale to get rid of some of my "stuff" that was overtaking my garage / work space. And being the true thrifty shopper that I am, I took a very small portion of the money I earned from my sale and went to the thrift store! Here is what I got.......

Two books, The Nanny Diaries & Rebecca Wells "The Ya Ya's in Bloom" LOVE this book, $1 each. Remember my two little white birds from last week? This week I found the cute little cage thingy for them .99 cents :) And for .49 cents a new soap dish for my kitchen sponge.

Framed tile with word "Family" $1.49. I'm going to paint the frame black.

Remember the two set of square plates I got a couple of weeks ago??? One set was a burgundy red color and the other was green?......wellllllll I found these two adorable leaf plates that match exactly!!! for..... are you ready for this? .59 cents each! Yeah! (Happy Dance) I see a beautiful fall holiday table scape in the making :) Also, a cute little picture for my kitchen, I will paint the frame black also.

Here is a close up of this sweet little plate. Lovin' it!

Last, but not least is two, yes two beautiful decorating books....Country Living's 750 "Great Ideas for Decorating on a BUDGET" (definitely a book for me) originally $24.95, I paid $2.99!! And, Better Homes & Garden's "Style on a BUDGET" (another book that definitely had my name on it) Original price $14.99, I paid $1.49!!!

And this beautiful golden wooden thingy...I have no clue what it is, but I couldn't resist it's beauty and at $2.00 I brought it home. It has a lid on top that is removable, but there is a solid top directly under that????? I'll figure out something to do with it :)

How was your shopping?? Go on over to Rhoda's and tells us all about the great treasures you found :)

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  1. Oh fun seeing all your wonderful finds. :)

  2. I think the Family tile will be beautiful painted black.

  3. You did get some great finds.

  4. Hi Toni,
    I love seeing your treasures! Come see mine!

  5. You hit the jackpot. The books are such a great find. I am looking for some Christmas ones right now. I think the Family tile will look great painted black. Thanks for visitng my blog and leaving a comment. Have a great week.


  6. Great finds, especially the books!

  7. Great stuff! I used to have that exact same little French restaurant sign, but I think I got rid of it. Now I wish I had it to go in my kitchen!

  8. Oh, I love books so much, especially decorating ones! And that wood thingy, it doesn't matter what it is, it's doing it's job just sitting there looking pretty!

  9. Oh I heart the leaf plates- and the color is to die for! They would make such good accent pieces in the right vignette. I love wooden boxes, or any kind of box, for that matter. Thanks for commenting on my tobacco basket. :-) Sue

  10. Toni, I love those decor books, great find! Thanks for playing.

  11. Great Fall plates! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  12. Toni you found some great treasures. I love the family tile and the books wow, how wonderful. Have a great day and thanks for visiting me.

  13. Those are some awesome finds, especially the leaf plates. ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love new visitors anytime! Happy Monday!

  14. as soon as i popped over to your blog i knew i would love it and knew that the talented amber must have worked some of her cyber magic. lovely! your blog has an awesome name!


  15. Hi, Toni! I just love those two leaf dishes! Don't you just love finding good decorating books? One time I ran across a stash of Victoria mags, and my daughter and I snatched those up!
    Thanks for visiting me.
    Mary Lou

  16. Hi Toni,
    Love all your finds!!! Great prices on the books. Thank you for the poem...I cryed while reading it.
    I wish I could have shopped at your garage sale!!
    Didn't get to any sales this weekend...maybe I'll get to some this weekend and some garage sales on Thursday. I really need to have my own garage sale..but that's too much work and I'd rather be shopping...LOL...
    Deb :)

  17. Love your finds ! Are you keeping that wood box gold ? Those books were such a great deal and they come in handy with decorating !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  18. I have that CL 750 book and it's really great and you'll really enjoy it. Awesome finds!


  19. Love your blog and your great finds! I am a Goodwill, Thrift Store, Flea Market and Rummage Sale enthusiast! Nothing beats a great find for a very small price. I will definetly be back to see more of your fabulous finds and fanastic blog. Marcia

  20. Don't you love finding decorating books at a great price


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