Tuesday, May 26, 2009

White Flower Farmhouse

I was over visiting Layla @ The Lettered Cottage and she had shared a new website that she had stumbled upon White Flower Farmhouse. It's a beautiful shop featuring :

refurbished and hand crafted furniture, vintage garden decor, antique, flea market, and salvaged finds.

Here are some pictures courtesy of White Flower Farmhouse to give you a peek at the beautiful items available on their website.

White Flower Photo

White Flower Photo

White Flower Photo

White Flower Photo

White Flower Photo

White Flower Photo

White Flower Photo

White Flower Photo

Lori (owner) & Megan are the two talented ladies behind the makings of this wonderful shop. And they have blogs too. You can follow Lori as she shares her favorite frugal design tricks and "tried and trues"! here And follow Megan as she shares the ins and outs of shop life and endless project making! here

Here, I have shared the two purchases I made. I have to tell you, it was difficult to decide what I would purchase as they have so many beautiful things...I wanted them all!!

I love this urn! The details on the inside are so pretty. It's actually going on my coffee table.

I think this is so pretty!! My camera does not do it justice.

The marquee letter for our last name $4.00 (Did I tell you they had wonderful prices too)

And, because they are so sweet......they included in my package this lovely scented sachet and organic facial scrubber. Thank you Lori and Megan!! :) And they ship so quickly too, my package arrived in TWO days!!!

Looking for that something special for you or your home?? Stop by White Flower Farmhouse

I know you will find what you are looking for :)

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  1. Very pretty purchases! The urn has such a pretty pattern inside!


  2. That Urn is very pretty! Good choice!

  3. Hi Toni...oh my what lovely things...
    Thanks for stopping by my place...

  4. Hi Toni ... I'm so glad to hear that you are enjoying your purchases, and thank so much for this great feature! I love that you feature all of your favorite flea market treasures -- it's so much fun to see what other people can hunt down! I especially enjoy seeing the variation of treasures across the country. Please keep them coming!
    Take care, Megan.
    Oh, and is "sweet baby Bear" a Briard? Stunning.

  5. Hi Toni!!
    Your "bear" dog is so wonderful! Thank-you for commenting at The Katillac Shack. Oliver Wendell has written to Maggie again...poor boy.

    Your blog is charming...love your music Toni. The images --especially the french farm sheets above are yummy.

    love, kelee

  6. So fun to come and visit here! I absolutely love your music. And these treasures are so great! Love your style!

  7. Hi Toni,

    I came to visit from Karen Eileen's blog.
    Your blog is fantastic and the music.... I could sit and listen all day.

    Have a blessed weekend.


  8. I love the inside of the urn, too. I went to their store site, and they do have pretty things. Thanks for sharing.


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