Friday, May 15, 2009


Ok, so tomorrow is the BIG "Idaho's Largest Yard Sale" being held at Expo Idaho. They have been promoting this for a couple of months and I have been anxiously anticipating the wonderful deals that I know I will find. I have been marking the days off on my calendar waiting for this wonderful treasure hunting event to come. And in just a few hours I will be shopping my little heart out. I say few hours because my alarm is set for 5 am. The sale starts at 7am. I feel like the Disney commercial with the little boy and girl and the parents tell them to go to sleep because they are going to Disneyland and the little boy says "I'm too excited to sleep" That's me, too excited to sleep. The Trooper is filled with gas, my list of must haves to make my heart go pitter patter is in my purse, donuts for my son are in the front seat and my shopping basket is in the back. I am READY!!! I feel it in my bones that there will be treasures for the taking and bargains galore!

My son Tyler just peeked in to remind me that I need to go to sleep or I will probably sleep through my alarm...Like I would do that! So, I'm thinking....why sleep at all....why not drive over there now and be the first in line!?!!? Makes sense doesn't it?? The early bird gets the worm! I mention this to him and he looks at me with that know the mom is crazy. He explains in the way only he can that doesn't have me telling him that he is grounded, women my age need their rest to be at their best! He didn't use those words exactly (lucky for him) but he's right though, I do need my sleep and all the strength I can be able to get in there and get the BARGAINS!!!!

Wish me luck!

Until later


  1. Sounds like you will have fun today. Hope you find some real treasures. Good Luck.

  2. Oh for the record....I am so jealous! Wish I was there. What a blast. I cant wait to see the treasures you dig up.


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