Sunday, May 31, 2009

Come On In on friday while I was in my garage working on a couple of painting projects, well at least the prep work to paint. I was noticing that my work space seemed smaller . Hum....what could be causing this??? Could it be the kids' bikes?? No, they have always been in the garage. Maybe it's the holiday, couldn't be them, they have always held residency in the garage also. I know...maybe the garden tools?? No, not the tools, they have always had their small little corner to live in. Well, it definitely couldn't be any of MY things!! I mean they only take up 98% of the garage. That's not very much! After about an hour of trying to convince myself that I didn't have too much stuff I started to go through the boxes and stacks and it hit me like a brick.........I have too much stuff, some I couldn't remember the last time I had seen it. Sooooo, being the good junker that I am, I decided to have a yard sale and pass my treasured junk on to my fellow junk sisters! Just to let you know, when I have a yard sale...I pretty much just set up tables, put the "treasures" on the table and post a sign in my yard. I don't like to mark prices, post signs all over town (I hate going back and taking them all down, soooo I asked my son's girlfriend if she would do it, she's a great gal!) I really take the lazy, errr easy way of putting together a yard sale. I'm sooo much better as the buyer than the seller!!

So, I remembered to take pictures half way through the sale to share with you. I had some furniture pieces (Sorry no pics) that I had re-done awhile back that made a couple of ladies very happy. I apologize for the poor photo's, I really am going to get a new camera :)

These garden trellis pieces have been used as room dividers, a headboard, but never a garden trellis! Go figure LOL!

Don't ask about the fish...I had beach cottage decor, whites, creams, beiges, soft blue and someone gave me that fish.....I had meant to paint it white....but...............? Loved the wooden heater grate, I had put the star fish on it and it hung above the window in my shower.

I just do not have wall space for this gorgeous rose picture (Sigh)

And, here are the gals......they no longer fit in my decor, I loved this picture!

Here is a close up of the "Bathing Beauties!!" is my confession........I truly have a problem!!! See the rabbit?? I was looking at him, remembering how much I liked him and how excited I was when I found him at Goodwill for $1.98 and I just couldn't sell him! So, I found myself shopping at my own yard sale!! He wasn't the only purchase I made!

See this darling little divided caddy??? I purchased it too, what was I thinking?!!?(Actually no money exchanged hands as this was my yard sale) He has so many uses, how could I even consider selling him!

And these two pictures with the replica vintage purses....too cute...I'm sure I can find someplace for them ;) Maybe in a giveaway??? I'm telling you, it's a sickness!

This rooster used to hold my two favorite cookbooks, but I now have a cupboard that holds all my cookbooks. So, I said goodby to him.

I loved these lamps (I wish you could see how beautiful they are, bad camera, bad camera!) The shades were a soft sage color with cystal beads in the "fur" trim and the base was a soft cream color. I have new ones that I need to paint (I'll be sharing them on Rhoda's Today's Thrifty Treasures)

And this candlabra hung over my bathtub with alot more crystals on it (I have since used them in other creations). Love a candle lit bath :)

Hope you enjoyed your time at my yard sale.............
Until Later,


  1. Hey! We have the same garage!

  2. Looks like the kind of garage sale I would like to have gone to, and I would have bought the candlelier. Hope you did well at your sale.

  3. Darn - I wish I would have known!!

    I could have taken almost all of that off your hands. :)


  4. I have not had a garage sale in a few years but reading yours makes me think I should have one soon....I enjoyed the humorous version of yours!

  5. hmmm, my kinda garage sale for sure

    I'd take it!

    happy thrifting


  6. Thanks for visiting my blog! Your is very pretty! I would have LOVED coming to your garage sale! So many treasures! I know what you mean about shopping your own sale. I've done that many times!


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