Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I've been "Tagged" and I'm Tagging You

Cassie at Junk Fest has been tagged and she has tagged me and 5 others. What a fun way to get to know everyone! The rules of the game are: The person tagged has to list 6 things about themself and tag 6 other people. Check out what six things Cassie listed @ her post "Tag! I'm It" and see what the others had to say about themselves.

Six Things About Me (Only 6?!?! LOL) Here goes:

1. I am a single mother of 3 fantastic sons. (Which I consider my miracles as I only had a 10% chance of ever having children) They are my greatest joys in life :)

2. I can never pass a garage / yard sale without stopping. (You never might find a treasure) Believe me, I have tried!! But I always end up turning around and going back. We have been late to a few functions :)

3. I'm the youngest of 5, two brothers, two sisters, then me. I'm the baby and the tallest.

4. My mom taught me to whistle when I was four and I can whistle LOUD. My boys know my whistle and come when they hear it. :)

5. My mom accidently ran over me when I was 5, I was playing in a cardboard box in the driveway (we lived waaaay out in the country and what can I say??) and she was talking / looking at my brother and didn't know she stopped the car on top of me. We're talking a 57 Dodge, solid steel, very heavy! My sister came out and said "Mom, the car is on Toni". I received a broken collar bone and shoulder blade. (Lucky!) The small town doc couldn't cast it so he put strong tape over my shoulder and around my chest to hold it in place while it healed. My dad asked where I got the one arm t-shirt and I told him "It's NOT a's a bandaid !" :)

6. Growing up we lived on a turkey ranch. All of us kids had jobs on the ranch, my sister & I gathered eggs. My older sister & mom cleaned & boxed the eggs for the hatchery and my dad took care of all the turkeys, about 30,000!

Okay, here's the six I'm Tagging:

1. Megan @ White Flower Farmhouse

2. Deb @ Garage Sale Gal

3. Robin @ My Blessed Nest

4. Kammy @ Small Home In The Country

5. Kathleen @ Musings From A French Cottage

6. Glenda @ Dab Of This And That

Okay it's your turn. List 6 things about yourself, tag 6 other people and be sure to link back to me. TAG YOU'RE IT !

Until Later


  1. Popped in for a visit. I will be back. Now I'm going to take a peek around instead of doing housework....thank you for saving me!!

    Warm Wishes,
    Karen Eileen

  2. Oh my! You were lucky you were not hurt more than you were.
    I will play "Tag your it" in a post real soon.

  3. Hi Toni,

    Love your thrifty finds! Isn't it great to find such cute things at cheap prices!

  4. Toni, thanks so much for tagging me...I'm honored! I don't think luck had anything to do with your minor injuries after being run over...God had a destiny for you to fulfill! I'm working on my tag post right now! Bless you!

  5. Wow, I don't know what's worse...getting left at a rest area or getting run over! It's not too late for group therapy, is it?! I enjoyed reading about YOU!

  6. Ditto on Robin's comment. There were angels watching over you! I think yours and Cassie's stories are very "unique" and I'm not sure which one is worse. Thankfully you both survived! I'm sure loving these "6 Things" posts. It's fun getting to know everyone this way. Btw, thanks for stopping by my blog!


  7. Thank you for your lovely comments. Isn't Lucy great?! My husband says that I can relate almost every life situation to a Lucy's true. Lucy and Ethel were my idols growing up...along with Doris Day.
    Love your little piece of Blog heaven too and I am glad we have become BB's. (Blog Buddies)

  8. Hi Toni,
    I'll play soon too!! It's always fun to learn more about "BB's" :)
    I've been out at the city wide garage sales that started yesterday...I MUST have a's so hard to stop going to them...good thing I ran out of money!!
    Deb :)

  9. Hi Toni,
    Funny, everyone has commented on the "accident." I almost missed that -- I'm in love with the turkeys! I'm a really sucker for a farm animal!
    At any rate, thanks for tagging me -- it's been fun hearing about everyone's defining traits. And, I've been thrilled to find out other people are non-cookers!
    -- Megan


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