Sunday, May 24, 2009

Treasures at a Thrifty Price

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality is hosting Today's Thrifty Treasures.

Well, I went out saturday with the hopes of finding a great yard sale, but sadly that was not to be. So, not to be discouraged I decided to see if I could find a new thrift store. Instead of one I found 3! Yeah!! At the first store I found the two little white birds @ .10 cents each and the glass dome (I believe it is a glass sconce) for .35 cents. At the second store I found the pewter strawberry shaped dish .99 cents...too cute!

At the third thrift store I picked up this gold frame for .79 cents, can you believe it!! It's in perfect condition. It will go with the other two I picked up last week. I have a project idea for all three gold frames.

Then, at the Savers thrift store I picked up the cute cherub angel for .99 cents and the HEAVY cast iron scottie dog for $2.99 (I have someone in mind that I want to give him to)

And because I saved soooooo much on my treasures from the thrift stores, I splurged a little bit and bought this piece of iron fencing from a lady off of Craigslist. I had actually called her to buy the little white table below. She had a few pieces in her garage and when I spied the iron I asked if it was for sale. Lucky for me it was!!! $36 dollars later I had more treasures for the house.

This is an older table that she painted and distressed, bonus...I don't have to do anything :)

And I love the original wood rosettes on the legs.
So what thrifty treasures did you find??? Stop over at Rhoda's to see what everyone else'll love the thrifty prices and wonderful treasures :)
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  1. I love the fence piece! Gotta love craigslist :)

  2. I love the table and the two little birds. Very cute.

  3. Great finds. Love the iron piece too. The iron scottie dog is fabulous!

  4. Wow, really great finds! Love that strawberry dish and the scottie!!!

  5. I'm drooling over that iron fence! Love it! I would've grabbed that scottie too. So cute!

  6. Love the fence piece and the table...uou did great girl...May you have a wonderful Memorial day...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  7. I love Craigs list, the iron work is beautiful, great price on that. Everyone seems to be finding birds!
    I bought that Scottie dog years ago for someone, great deal on that!
    I never find thrift shops with buys like this, I'm sure you will be back there.

  8. Love the little white birds -- and you're right, the frame is in perfect condition. Great finds!

  9. Hi Toni,
    You did great, however, that Scottie dog needs to come home with me! Since I started blogging around 4 months ago I also have developed this strange attraction to cute ceramic little birds….

  10. Hi, Toni, cute things you got there. That Scottie dog is adorable & I love the table & fencing. Thanks again for coming by this week.

  11. Hi Toni,
    Love the iron fence and the table:) Great prices on your treasures and the scotty dog is VERY SWEET!!
    Hope you had a good weekend. I was painting furniture for the shop...gotta get it done!!
    Deb :)

  12. love the table! what great finds!

  13. Oh...I love the iron, too....I'm gonna show my iron yard stuff some time next week!!! Great finds!!!

  14. You got some great finds! I can't believe I did not go in any antique/thrift stores this last weekend while out of town.


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