Friday, January 22, 2010

American Pickers

Hi Bloggy Friends! Are any of you needing a good Junkin' fix like me?? Are you dreaming of spring and what it will bring? Already looking through the seed catalogs, planning the new flowers or vegetables that will be added to your garden this year? Thinking of Spring Cleaning (or dreading it) Sunshine? Or are you like me and anticipating the start of the Junkin' Season? Yard Sales, Estate Sales, Flea Markets, Barn Sales....oh my!......when all the treasures are revealed?

For me, I can't wait! I've had enough of the snowy, rainy, dreary days. I want my sunshine, new flowers, spring birds and new JUNK!! Today I spotted a Yard Sale sign and my heart went pitter patter!! I couldn't believe my eyes, a yard sale! Unfortunately, there wasn't anything good to be had! But it was a glimmer of hope, the light at the end of the tunnel, spring is on it's way, the junkin' season will soon begin.I have to confess that my lust, desire, want, need for the junkin' season to start has been exaggerated by a new show I discovered on the History Channel. Maybe some of you have already seen the show.....American Pickers? My first encounter with.......... what is now my absolutely favorite show, was a couple of days ago. I stumbled across it while flicking through the channels. Now I scan the TV Guide searching for their time slot. No longer do I covet HGTV, no, HGTV no longer holds any interest for me with their programs...House Hunters, House Hunters International, Virgin Property owners, First Time Home Buyers, etc, etc, etc. Whatever happened to the decorating and gardening aspect of HGTV? Is it now on at an obscure time?With the economy the way it is, I certainly am not interested in spending hundreds of thousand on a new home! I want ideas on how to make my house a home, on a budget.

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz make up the team of "Pickers" and they travel around the country in search of their wares. Usually travelling off the beaten path, along back roads, seeking out rural towns, meeting collectors, hoarders, antique dealers and an occasional historian who often have great stories about the items they have, in hopes of having the opportunity to search through packed barns, basements and attics in search of buried treasures. All I can say is..I want to be a part of this team!! They get GREAT pieces of junk! I was so drawn to my new found love and the treasures they were finding, that I had to tell my kids "Don't bother me, momma has a new love and unless the house is on fire or you have killed your brother, Don't bother me!"

Mike Wolfe is the owner of Antique Archeology, a specialist shop that sells, antiques, vintage items and folk art in the sleepy town of Le Claire, Iowa.

Frank Fritz is his partner in "Picking" and has been Mike's friend for over 20 years.

Danielle Colby Cushman is part of this crew, but is usually at the shop, holding down the fort, tracking leads or packaging shipments, etc.
If you are needing a "Junk" fix and if you love the chippy, rusty, vintage, unique item, then you will not be disappointed by this show. Check your local listings for times.

In the junking world, those who search, dig and hunt for the treasures, that fill the antique, shabby, vintage shops, flea markets, barn sales, etc. are known as pickers. Isn't that exactly what most of us do?? Pick? Indeed...we are "Pickers".

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  1. I saw the commercial for this show and thought it looked great but I have not seen it. Thanks for the info. I will go figure out when it is on. Sounds like my kind of "junky" show. And I totally agree with you about HGTV...if I have to watch another episode of House Hunters I think I'll scream! It seems every time I tune in to HGTV that show is on.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. That is awesome...I want to be their friend too!!! No cable I will miss their show.
    I agree with you about HGTV...where are the great shows....we are in a depression...haven't they heard??!!
    Have a great to work my shift at HQ!
    Deb :)

    P.s. the weather is crappy...not sure how well business will be :(

  3. I need to find out when it is on here. I rarely watch HGTV anymore - not interested in real estate. Actually, I watch very little TV at all. I miss the days of shows like Kitty Bartholomew's show.

  4. I am dreaming of the sun...not even warm weather. I have totally stopped all junking and such as we can hardly get anywhere! Hurry up spring!

  5. I watched this show the other night and I was amazed at some of the things they were buying.
    I liked the one with the colorful man that had loads of carnival rides in his back yard.
    It's a great show and I hope they let us watch it for awhile. I'm with you on HGTV. It has lost its appeal for me. I wonder what has happened to all the decorating shows too.

    Great post.


  6. I have not seen it yet...the hubster told me about it and I'm planning on watching the next show...I think he said it's Monday @8:00...sounds like a great one to watch. I agree with you..HGTV has gone to pot:(


  7. Toni,
    Interesting article. thanks for sharing about them.

    hmmm, trying to decide if I want to be called a 'picker' or not. =0))


    barbara jean

  8. Toni - Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to look it up. HGTV really have become boring.

    I saw your comment on my blog last week (sorry so late, I've been away) about gardening. There is nothing better than going outside and picking your own vegetables. I really hope you give it another try. There are some really good resources for helping you succeed. If interested, let me know and I can give you some links.

  9. I am a new visitor..
    That TV show is great. I watched it last might.
    They were buying sign,cars, bikes.....


  10. Dang...I don't have the access to that channel either! Oh well, I live in my own little rural area and find ton's of junk once the snow melts (O: Keep us informed on what they do...

  11. It looks to be another great episode on Monday, Feb. 1st.

  12. I've had a business with a friend where we buy for about 8 shops in our area and also Texas and Maine (when they visit twice a yr). But we are "buyers" - we don't like to call ourselves "pickers" although I know a lot of people do. We set up several rooms in her home, the store owner comes and buys inventory, we pack it up and redo our display. It's a blast isn't it!!! We've traveled all over the country for the thrill of the hunt. Ann has even been to England and France. Best of luck when the nice weather gets here... don't you love it! Jennifer

  13. Don't you just love this show?! We love the American Pickers!!!
    Funky Junk Sisters


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