Monday, January 18, 2010

Quote of the Day

"God puts each fresh morning, each new chance of life, into our hands as a gift to see what we will do with it."

What will you do with your new gift?

Until Later,


  1. Toni..
    just love the look of your blog..
    am not really a "pink" person..
    this is so soothing to the eye..
    and I like it!
    Had to write down your Quote of the Day..
    to post above my desk..
    so deep,profound, thought provoking..
    as for my present..
    I'll slowly open it,
    savoring each moment of discovery,
    will then cherish this gift..
    and say an humble thank you from the bottom of my heart..
    praying I am worthy of such a precious gift.
    warm hugs,laughing smiles..

  2. Hi Toni!!
    I can't believe that I missed so many of your post...forgive me..You are one of my favs!!!I was feeling a little down when it was so COLD here and hubby was giving me a "hard time" about blogging...
    Love the ideas you rec'd for your hutch..have you played with any of the ideas?!
    Love your chippy desk and mirror in your bedroom.
    How's business? At least you can paint your place and I have put rugs on top of carpet to change things up a are creative and I know it will be wonderful!!
    Deb :)

  3. New to your blog and it's so sweet! As far as your hutch, I like the simplicity of it and what a find! Maybe a little plant to set it off..Ivy? And the quote is inspiring...

  4. I needed those words today. Thank you.


My door is always open & I hope you will come by often to visit, maybe have a cup of coffee or tea with me. ~Hugs, Toni~