Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Goodbye Sweet Baby Bear

I write this with a heavy heart, today my son and I had to make a difficult decision regarding our "Baby Bear". We took him to the vet to have his back left leg checked out because he had been favoring it and I thought he might have pulled a muscle. An X-ray showed that he actually had bone cancer. A very aggressive cancer. We were shocked to say the least since we just celebrated his 1st birthday, making the decision to euthanize him, very difficult. The vet explained that he has seen other cases in young dogs of this particular breed, Labradoodles. Our Baby Bear was a true joy to our family, with the sweetest temperament, a big brother to our cat and the kittens we had for a short time. The tears have flowed all afternoon for our family, in his short time he became a very big part of our family and will be missed very much.

Baby Bear seems to be smiling and very proud of himself that he claimed one of my pillows as his own.

Baby Bear staking his claim on my bed.

Playing fetch, he could do this all day long.

My sweet boy posing for the picture :)

Big Brother...........he was so gentle with the kittens even though he was a puppy himself.

Baby Bear trained so easily shortly after we brought him home, and here he is waiting to go outside. Whenever we went to the vet or groomers, I would tell him "what does a gentlemen do?" and he would sit/stay or if I told him "tell the doc/groomer thank you" he would give knuckles. He was such a sweet smart puppy and a joy to everyone he met. Because of his temperment and gentle way, I had often thought that he would make a great companion dog to visit with terminally ill patients.'s a puppy's life.
We Love You Baby Bear.


  1. Oh my, bless your heart!! I can't imagine what your going through. You and your family are in my prayers!!

  2. I am so very sorry for the loss of your precious baby. I just know that he is now a little furry angel.
    God Bless you and your family.


  3. Oh Toni! I have not heard that they have this problem. I will have to remember to tell them at work. We have quite a few clients who are really pleased with the breed and so far so good with them all. How heartbreaking he was just a puppy, I am so sorry your sweet family has had this happen. It doesn't take long to love them. Just like bringing home a baby. I hope you find another sweet soul to share your home and somewhat fill the space. I do know it will never be completely filled.
    Hugs and prayers, Lisa

  4. Oh Toni - my heart is broken. How difficult for you. It is so difficult to lose a four legged friend. Such loyal buddies.

  5. OH, I love him. I'm so very sorry, I could just cry. I'm glad to see he was a total part of the family. Our dog can be on the couch/bed...same as us. Baby Bear touched your lives forever and you were wonderful family to him! Warm thoughts and hugs.

  6. Oh Toni that's so sad, my eyes are tearing up...I completely understand that a pet can become a beloved family member and it is a difficult and traumatic thing when they pass heart goes out to you and your family!

    Hugs ~


    p.s. thank you for letting me know that you love your new bag...I really appreciate the feedback!! enjoy ~

  7. So sorry to hear about your sweet puppy...
    He's so cute and what a terrible thing to find out. But I agree with your decision...
    I hope you will soon find another sweetie to not replace but fill the emptiness.

  8. I feel so badly for you and you boys. As you know, from my blog, we have adopted 6 animals over the past 5 years and given them forever homes. We lost our rabbit last August and it was devestating for us. We had her for 5 years and she had given us so much love and joy.
    If in the future, you decide to get another furry baby dog, please consider giving a shelter dog a forever home. I am into animal rescue and know that there are 20 million homeless cats and dogs. One of them would love to share your home and love and time. My heart goes out to you for now. God Bless
    hugs ANDREA

  9. So sorry to hear that you had to put your dog down. He certainly does seem to have a gentle and happy spirit. I'm VERY attached to my dog and can only imagine your sadness. I hope things are going okay for you.

  10. hello my dear toni!

    i wanted to tell you that you all in my thoughts...just know that you gave your baby bear a wonderful earth experience and he is romping around puppy heaven. maybe he and my sadie girl will become friends!

    :) lots of love your way...and happy valentines!

  11. I too have experienced "dog loss" and really understand.......I'm so sorry.....

  12. I'm so sorry for your loss. He looks like such a sweetie.

  13. Oh Toni,
    I am so so sorry to hear this. Ive lost 2 dogs that I loved dearly and nothing ever fills that void. I'm sending you a tearful hug.

  14. Toni, Baby Bear surely gave you the gift of a loving spirit - one that will be kept deeply within your heart forever. He was only with you for a short time, but will be with you forever. All dogs go to Heaven and he is there waiting for you.



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