Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Look for the New Year

Hi everyone!! Hope you all had a happy and safe New Year's celebration. I spent a quiet night at home with my youngest son watching movies. I haven't gone out in years and really just prefer a night at home cuddled up on the couch, watching movies. We watched the countdown and all the people celebrating in New York and I am always thankful not to be part of that big crowd! :)

New Years day I woke up and watched the Rose Parade and then took my ex MIL grocery shopping. It was nice to have a day to do whatever I wanted. No job, no projects, no schedules. Well, that lasted for a day :) Saturday my mind started to wander about, which is scary in its self! I have been in this house a year now and it still doesn't feel like home. I have been slow to decorate anything ...which is so unlike me. Usually I can't wait to get started and typically have a vision of what I want everything to look like, a reflection of me. My room still had boxes that I either haven't unpacked or found a spot to store them. So that was my first make my room a place I wanted to be.

First was a easy peasy quick project. I have a huge dislike to cords (including the unfashionable pants from the 70's). I don't like to see electrical cords, from the TV, stereo, computer, etc..... hanging down in plain view of everyone. And that is what I have looked at for a year now! I did a quick measure of the back of the table my computer sits on, dug out some leftover burlap fabric I had and with a swift wave of the magical glue gun to seal the edges I was ready! See, look how easy that was :)

Then I attached it to the back of my desk with a few small nails.

Voila!!! It's like more ugly cords.

I'm really happy with the way it turned out and it didn't cost me anything and literally only took about 10 minutes.

Everything back in place and no ugly cords, don't you just love it???

Now here is where my little mind started to wander. I have picked up a few things here and there and wasn't sure what I was going to do with them. I just knew that I loved them and had to have them! I know all of you can appreciate buying something because you love it and knowing you will figure out sooner or later what you are going to do with it.

Remember this loverly piece??

This next sweet little treasure I just picked up on New Year's Eve. I LOVE it!

This little frame was sitting out in my garage for months, but I remembered it during my wandering. It's very detailed and has the perfect whitewash to it.

This is my newest love . She is a vintage sewing cabinet with a little "frenchiness" curve to her. I asked the shop owner to take out the sewing machine ( it was beyond damage). I'm going to add a glass top to her. Chippy in all the right places!
(UGHHH! I know the carpet is ugly, but I'm in a rental and my room was the only one not updated)

Can you see my ideas starting to come together??? Sometimes a little mind wandering is good ;)

It's starting to come together. I want to add a plant in a little rustic planter I have and some old vintage lace and ribbon to the shade.

It's a start and I'm happy with it so far. I also finally put up the bed I bought quite a while back. You can see it here. There is still drapes, new bed linens and a few other painting, I know I should have done that first, but what can I say...I had a thought and went with it. I will be working on my room more this week and I promise I'll share photos. And if any of you gals have any suggestions, I welcome them all, paint color, accessories, new knobs?? curtains............I have looked at new bed linens that are in a cream/light blue tone that I fell in love with.....we'll see.
Until Later,


  1. The burlap on the desk is very clever! And that vignette with the table and mirror? Looking fabulous!! It's really coming together!


  2. Great ideas! And I love the finds too. I had to tone it down because I don't have room for anymore! So I go blogging and see all I want...

  3. Love the look. I laughed out loud when I read "like painting, I know I should have done that first, but what can I say...I had a thought and went with it." I do the exact same thing. I have to play with my stuff first then I will get around to painting a room later. I think I have to see the potential in a room before I'm motivated to paint it. Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  4. Hi Toni.
    I'm with you on that cord thing and I've been looking at an unsightly bunch of cords behind our TV stand for a couple of years now...I keep saying I need to velcro a piece of fabric to the cabinet and you just re motivated me to get it done.
    I love the sewing machine cabinet and all the pieces you added for the grouping. It will look fabulous!
    Keep us posted.

  5. Great way to cover up the cords. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your room. You have some great pieces to work with. A quiet New Year's eve here also and glad of it.

  6. I LOVE the sewing machine cabinet and the whole look you have going!!

  7. Oh Toni, I love everying!!!! You have done a fab job sweetness! I know all about being in a place and it not feeling like home, I still don't have all my things unpacked and put out and I've been here for nearly two years lol I believe it will all come together as it will for you. Happy New Year Toni! And thank you for the lovely welcome back. Take care!

  8. Fantastic wire hiding idea! Wires be gone! Great Frenchy patina on all pieces, of course, having never been to France. . . . Thanks for stopping by to see my new year decor/evolution, Toni! Yes, now that you have an appreciation for French decor, another trip to France should be on your list of things to do! About those crowns in my pink corner cabinet, you can find them on my website at Try this direct link to the crowns if it works:

  9. Oops! Thought you had been to France, but it was another lucky blogger. Sorry for the mix up, Toni! Still, you really should go!

  10. Oh I love that little table and the lamp and the

    I would just pile on the accessories now.
    Some vintage lace or doily fluffed on it, a tray with lovelies on it, an old hand mirror, something with jewels hanging on it.
    It's easily changeable, so just have fun and play.

    As far as bedding etc. You will know it when you see it.

    Thanks for coming by.


    barbara jean

    PS regarding the fancy silver egg cups on my post, I will check the price tomorrow. =0))

  11. I was just *minutes* behind you on that is too cute...glad everything is going well for you guys...I brought home that amazing platter that was yours...I just love it!


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