Thursday, April 9, 2009

What Kind of Romantic Are You?

I just picked up the May issue of Romantic Homes. As always, the pages are filled with beautiful images, especially pages 70-75 featuring Dear Lizzie Boutique & Bistro!!! Laura is the owner and her shop is gorgeous. Her website is (more beautiful items and only a short 6 hour drive away for me) So, I'm in my jammies, in bed devouring my two new magazines (Romantic Homes & Country Living) knowing I am probably not going to bed until about 2am. I know, you're asking 2 am??? Well, I usually don't get to bed until around 11 or 12pm, after my chores are done (and there are alot of chores with 3 teenage boys, whew). My relaxing time is when I get to bed and usually Sunday morning. Since I didn't or should I say couldn't wait until Sunday to view my much awaited magazines, I decided to give up sleep to enjoy my passion. (I'll go to bed early tomorrow). So, while perusing Romantic Homes and imagining that I am going to make the Mother's Day Craft using a vintage porcelain clock (which I have) to make a photo frame and bake the Maypole Cake (something my hips do not need) there was an article asking What Kind of Romantic are you? that I thought would be fun to share. I have highlighted my answers and I am Definityly Mostly C's.

1. Favorite scent?

A. Cardamom

B. Rose

C. Vanilla

2. Most used beauty indulgence?

A. Lipstick

B. Perfume bottle

C. Hairbrush

3. Preferred color scheme?

A. Anything accented with black

B. Jewel tones

C. Whites & Pastels

4. If the house were burning what would you take?

A. Vintage jewels

B. Cut-glass collectibles

C. Grandmas quilts

5. Signature drink?

A. Vodka tonic

B. Red wine

C. Tea

6. Before bed ritual?

A. Talking on the phone

B. Reading (usually decorating magazines)

C. Listening to music

7. Summer holiday home?

A. Opulent apartment

B. Historic mansion

C. Seaside cottage

8. Favorite city?

A. New York

B. London

C. Paris

9. Always have at home?

A. Stocked referator (that's a given with 3 teenage boys)

B. Clean linens for dinner

C. Scented candles

10. You use the good china?

A. Every day

B. On holidays

C. No fancy china here-just mix & match.

Mostly A's

You are a bold romantic. You love big gestures and live for that memorable moment. You love being the hostess with the mostess, and shopping for the home is a social occasion for you. So, grab the girls and keep an eye out for daring finds. Go for the glam factor in your decorating, and don't shy away from oversized accessories. Having a home that stands out, is the center of entertaining and is filled withluxurios indulgences is pure you.

Mostly B's

You are a classic romantic. You do things like Mom used to and are happy to carry on traditions, hosting graceful gatherings and building a home that is beautiful and livable. Keep your collectible in the fore by displaying them prominently-they represent your past and your values. Find a base in neutral colors and accent rooms with splashes of color in elegant vignettes and seasonal decor. Having a home rooted in history, filled with fine collections and incoporating a few trends that fit in with your lifestyle, will keep you happy.

Mostly C's

You are a sweet romantic drawn to soft colors, intimate settings and being outdoors. You hunt for one-of-a-kind finds and don't mind digging for treasures in thrift stores and yard sales. Mix vintage patterns with retro reproductions for a pastel palette with pops of color. Keep rooms simple with a white base and let your charming finds speak for themselves. This will provide a soothing home for casual dinners, your must - have odds and ends, and just enough whimsical style to put a smile on your face.

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  1. that is such a pretty picture! how romantic i just love it! can't wait for your next blog you have really cute things



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