Friday, December 2, 2011

Changes at the Farmhouse

WOW....I cannot believe how long it has been since I posted anything on this little blog of mine. I have a good excuse, really I do. And I know all of you can relate. Sometimes Life just happens. I started a new job in March, working at the local hospital and I LOVE it! My schedule is graveyard, which really has discomboobalated this gal! Limiting my time to blog, create, visit friends or be able to see the sunshine. Also in March I moved my dad from California to Idaho to live with me. He is 82 years old and his health is fragile. He had his latest round of chemo in February that really knocked him for a loop and he still hasn't gotten his strength back.

My son, Cody joined the army in August and my youngest son and I drove across the US (literally covering 9 states) to Georgia to watch him graduate Basic Training in October (that's another post). But in between working, taking care of my dad, driving to Georgia, we found some time to update our little farmhouse. I first shared my little Home Sweet Home here.

We rent this house and it has been in my landlord's family for many, many years. I believe my landlord first acquired it around 2000. The first three pictures are what this little farmhouse looked like when they first purchased it. (Sorry for the small photos, my landlord sent them to me via email).

Definitely not a pretty sight. The inside was even scarier, but I'm thankful to say my landlord did a GREAT job remodeling the inside and outside and getting the yard back in shape. There was no yard to speak of, unless you call weeds and overgrown bushes a yard.

The next 3 photos are what the house looked like when we moved in. Blue metal roof with a light blue/grey paint and a darker version for the trim around the windows and doors. Much better than her prior state....she looked pretty good, but I definitely pictured her white from the moment I saw her.

See how nice the yard looks :) Beautiful lush green.

Closer inspection shows that she was in need of paint.

So...after scraping (Gotta love having tall sons!)

And scraping.....

And even more scraping (that's my sweet little daddy)

We power washed. Okay, if truth be told, I didn't power wash anything, my job was to be the supervisor ;)

Here is the front with a fresh coat of farmhouse bright white paint.

The side of the house the boys were scraping in the photo above, with a new coat of paint....

And here she is with her shiny new white coat. Of course she will be getting some new accessories, as in black shutters to complete her new fresh look.

We have plans for next spring to add some color to the yard with flowers, shrubs and treasures.
I love, love our little farmhouse.

Until Later,


  1. You have been missed! Your little farmhouse is wonderful! Can't wait to see all the rest of the fun things you have planned!


  2. Your home looks so pretty in her "new paint". You have been a busy lady - You have good reasons for not having time to post. If I was still working, I doubt that I would even have a blog.
    Thanks for stopping by. I get side tracked very easy these days. :D

  3. Hey Toni!
    Sorry I missed your Thanksgiving wishes...
    Your little farm house is darling! Love the white! Busy at your home!
    Take care!

  4. That is definitely a sweet little farmhouse with a ton of potential! Amazing what a coat of white paint will do, huh, Toni? lol! Looking just fantastic! And I love that roof!

    xoxo laurie

  5. You have been busy! I'll keep a good thought for your dad.
    I love the white paint! Black shutters will be perfect!

  6. I am sure it feels great to of completed such a project. How nice the men in your family where there to help you!

  7. Amazing what a coat of paint can do! You were so smart to do a great job on prepping! Your farmhouse looks amazing!

  8. Love your cottage....especially love the tin roof....I just became a follower of your blog and hope you will visit my blog and follow me!

    Happy New Year!


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