Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thrifty Cabinet

Hope all of my Bloggy Buddies are having a great weekend. I did not go to any yard sales this weekend...Yeah I know....Can you believe it, not even one! But I still managed to get a terrific bargain that I am going to share with you.

My friend had this beautiful cabinet that I loved and I had a cabinet that she loved too. Sorry, I don't have a pic of my cabinet...but it was an armoire that was built in the late 1800's that I have had about 5 years. I loved it, but wanted to go a different direction and had in mind what I wanted. The new cabinet is a beautiful blue color, but sadly it doesn't match the colors in my living it will be painted white and distressed. I might paint the inside a different color. I have some ironstone pieces I want to display in the new cabinet along with some quilts and other treasures and I think they will display better if I paint the inside a new color. And the best part....we traded cabinets......straight!

Here's my new love.....

Don't you just love her?? I love the wire mesh on the doors, so cottagey/farmhouse/rustic. I'm excited to get her painted and filled with treasures.

Oh, speaking of treasures.......My friends Marilyn & Art are having their sale Gatherings at the School on August 6th & 7th. Click on the Link for more info. Lot's of fabulous treasures, shabby chic, garden items, antiques, rusty chippy treasures, unique items and so much more. You won't be disappointed.

Participating in Southern Hospitality's "Today's Thrifty Treasures" .

Until Later,
♥ Toni


  1. Yes, I do love her! I love the color and the chicken wire!!! It's going to look great housing all your treasures.


  2. That's a great cabinet and an even better deal! Can't wait to see what you do with her! I am definitely going the Gathering's sale...every time I drive by that building I want to know what it's all about, so I am very excited!!


  3. Like your new cabinet - looking forward to seeing what you do with it.
    I have a cabinet I want painted, but not sure I want the job of doing it - I don't like to paint.

  4. Hi Toni,
    YES...she is a beauty and I do like her blue :) Of course white/cream is always nice! It's nice to trade treasures!
    Went to 2 estate sales and found postcards and smalls.
    Have a GREAT week!
    Deb :)

  5. I love it! Quilts and ironstone, bliss. Looking forward to seeing it in white, even though the blue is really pretty. I'm a follower. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments on the slipcover. Almost everything we have is second hand, traded, yard sale etc. Our rooms are coming along and I appreciate your kind comment.

  6. Actually, I'll be back to follow. It isn't coming up right in your sidebar.

  7. Love it!!! Love the color too but I am sure you working your white majic on it will be stunning!!!
    I am on the lookout for one!!! I missed one the other day by a sale!! boo hoo!!
    Happy Sunday!!

  8. Fun, Toni, that will be great painted up & filled up with goodies. Thanks for joining the party.

  9. Wow! Great trade! I am sure it will look lovely painted white with all your goodies inside! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!


  10. You can't beat a deal like that...and I can't wait to see the finished project! =)

  11. I love that cabinet and can't wait to see it all prettied up.

  12. What a lovely cabinet - and what a great deal! Love the trade idea! I'll be watching to see how it turns out. I have a cabinet I am considering painting, too. Linda

  13. I really love that cabinet! And it will be lovely in white and with ironstone, what a great idea!

  14. This baby will be gorgeous all painted up and filled with pretties!! Love the chicken wire doors, Toni.
    :-) Sue

  15. I love that blue cabinet. I am a blue persona and it just made my heart leap when I saw it. I will look wonderful with your ironstone and quilts in it. Can't wait to see your transformation.

  16. What's better than free thrifting? Love it!

  17. I love it!! Neat chicken wire. :) Great price too. ;) Thanks for the visit! :)

  18. I just love the cabinet! The wire is wonderful! My kind of deco!

  19. Oh yes I love her!!
    What a beautiful cabinet. Great find.

  20. Love the cabinet, how cool that you decided to trade. can't wait to see what she looks like when you get her all done.

    :) Michelle

  21. What a cute cabinet...can't wait to see what you do with her.

  22. How "COOL" to trade with your the one that you got!



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