Thursday, August 12, 2010

There's a New Girl in Town

Yes, there is a new girl in town.......or should I say at my house ;) I'm a single mom, living with sons, all of them 300% boy!! It gets a little much with all the testosterone running rampant at my house! Even the cat is a male! I have, however, managed to carve out some "girly" space in my house that is just for me! can imagine how happy I was to find this sweet gal......who was willing to brave the male.ness at my house and come home with me.
I didn't even have to pay her that much to agree to come home with me, considering her previous home was at a warehouse. She's not a young gal, she's been around for a little while. I wouldn't call her antique....she's like me....vintage.
The best part..... she loves all the things I love.....She was already looking through my stash of lace, old linens, vintage aprons.....She didn't have much when I met could say she was in her birthday suit!

Here she new roomie.......

I haven't decided which room will be her's, but I'll be sure to share when she has settled in ;)

Until later,
Toni ♥


  1. Well, how cool is that? She looks like she's in great shape, too.

    I've wanted one of these forever.

  2. She looks like a perfect roomie for you. Can't wait to see how she dresses herself up.
    ♥ maureen

  3. Oh, you got me! I kept thinking, is it a puppy, a kitty? A roommate... no... ummm - a manniquin!!!! Too cute!

  4. Hi Toni,
    Love the new find....I seriously thought it was going to be a cat also.
    Yes that is a covered bridge. I apologize for the silly picture and no story with it. I was uploading pictures for my next post and somehow I published only one of them. I have the full story up now and more pics.
    Thanks for stopping by,

  5. Hey Kiddo!
    Thanks for stoppin' by the Blog! Yes, those Columns are amazing... the Industrial carts, too... Hmmm... what a mix of stuff... Victorian Columns... Industrial Carts... Well... You know I am Crazy, right?....Thanks for following...
    I love your blog... and cool stuff... Bless your heart... 3 boys... and a Male Cat... Oh my...
    My Love to Ya!
    Barb C.

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  7. oh now thats a new girl thats welcome at my house anytime!

  8. I love the dress form. I had one that I sold not too long ago and now regret not keeping it for myself. She'll look so good all decked out:)

  9. Hi Toni~
    YOU won the necklace giveaway on the Junk Bonanza blog! Please email me at with your address so we can send you the necklace!

  10. Hi Toni-
    What a great find! I have one similiar that is just the body portion and not on a stand. As a jewlery designer I had planned to use her to display jewelry, which didn't work as the jewelry would get stuck between the wire holes. Thus, last week I wove ripped material through her holes and now she's perfect for my business use. :) I plan to do a tutorial on my site in the future about her, so check back and see it when I get it up.
    Enjoy your new girlie roommate. ;)
    P.S. Since you're the only lady of the house, you still are the queen. So fitting that you won the give away I donated to Junk Bonanza Blog.

  11. She is quite a beauty! Looks like she doesn't eat much either! Toni, you are going to have fun having her around the house! What is her name?


  12. ~*~I LOVE your dress form!! Im so glad I found your lovely blog!!Im your newest follower~*~* Blessings,Rachel :)~*~


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