Sunday, July 18, 2010

Yard Sale Treasures

Time to share some Thrifty Treasures. I was not able to check out any of the local yards sales on Saturday. I spent the day driving to Moscow, Idaho......about a 5 hour pick up my son Chris. But I do have some treasures to share with you.

This first treasure is my absolute favorite!!! It is going to look fabulous on my enclosed porch! Well....once I layer it in some loverly linens, pillows, and throws...oh my. :) I was at one of my junkin' spots and trying to decide if I wanted the black iron bed that was for sale, when my friend who was having the sale suggested that I might like the bed he just picked up. I thought it was broken at first glance, then I realized that it folded up so it could be easily stored. Loved it, bought it and the black iron bed too!! Gotta roll like that sometimes!

Here she is folded

She is really easy to open up!

Ta Da!! Isn't she sweet??? Her price was unbelievable too.

On the way to Moscow I did stop at a couple of sales and picked up 4 more decorating books, the boxwood wreath and vintage magazine stand. All the books for under $10. Can you believe it? I was so happy.

I can't wait to check out the eye candy in these new books.
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  1. Great finds! When you said you were on your way to Moscow I had to check your profile to see if you ment Idaho. :) Sure enough...we are practically neighbors! LOL! I live in one of the small farming towns just north and across the border in Washington.


  2. That bed will be wonderful for taking a little nap on the porch! I can't wait to see it all prettified!

  3. What a cool bed! (Now I want one.) It will look great on a porch.

  4. You always find such great stuff!!

  5. Love that bed!!! I want one too, have never seen anything like it! How clever, why are "modern" beds so hard to put together?? :D


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