Sunday, July 11, 2010

Finally a good yard sale...Yeah!

Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble finding a good yard sale. Most of the sales in our neck of the woods have been children's clothes, toys, baby items etc. Don't get me wrong, when my boys were little, I lived for those types of yard sales. Some of their favorite toys were bought at yard sales! Then I finally hit on a good, what I dream of.......yard sale with vintage treasures!

My first treasure is probably my favorite!! Rusty, beautiful, 5 arms. This is going in my laundry/mudroom.

Three sweet little jars, and egg scale and a vintage bowl that I will be using for one of my plants.

I wasn't sure at first what this was. I knew it was a vice of some sorts. I just knew that I had to have it. I was told it is used to hold a hand saw so that it may be sharpened.

Two cast iron legs off of an old bathtub. Can you believe 50 cents each for these beauties!!

Rusty, chippy, uniquely beautiful!

This little gem I actually picked up at the thrift store. $1.99. I love it because it is divided into three sections and it resembles mercury glass.

Tried to get a close up. It is really beautiful in person.

My new handled dust pan. Lovin' the green.

This will be perfect for farmer's market, the beach.....etc. its

quite large and roomy. Only 50 cents!!

Can you tell what my new favorite color is??

I'm joining Rhoda for her Today's Thrifty Treasures.
Until Later,
♥ Toni


  1. OK. I just found 4 things I didn't know I wanted! LOVE that dustpan!

  2. You did good. I did not venture out to sales this weekend.
    Have a great week.

  3. Toni....I have the same problem...I just keep on driving by when I see all the clothes piled up on tables. Not my thing. Garage sales around here are starting to get scarce. Could be the heat. You did really good though! Very interesting items!~Hugs, Patti

  4. alright sista!!! I think you deserve an award for all the awesome hunk you got this week! Lovin the green dust pan!

    Keep on Junkin!

  5. Hi Toni!!!
    Great finds :) Love the tub feet. We have a new puppy...did get a few treasures at the estate sale.
    Take care!
    Deb :)

  6. I knew that I was going to be jealous...envious...covetous...each word is worse than the other. So, to take away all of that negativity I say, "way to go"! Enjoy! Dang I want that rusty 5 arm thing in the first photo though!

  7. Look at all the great vintage pieces you found. I love that old egg scale. I have never seen one of those before. Love the claw foot tub legs. Those would make great bookends!

  8. That was a great yard sale! My favorite is the dust I need to get myself one of those!

  9. yes- also have experienced difficulty treasure hunting in south-central indiana this year! i work at goodwill, and we've had a huge campaign for donations. it seems that people are holding on to things a little longer right now than they might have a few years ago.

    you've got a few great finds to be proud of though! i was at anthropologie this weekend, and your coat hook is just like something they sell there for $20+!! way to go :)

  10. I love all the goodies you found. Just remember you have to go through all the bad yard sales to get a good one. Lately I have been hitting a few good ones and far too many bad ones.

  11. Fabulous finds!! I need to visit your part of the world!! Too much junk up here too :D


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