Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Prayers Needed

My son Christopher had surgery today to have his lower jaw broke and re-set. He did very well during the surgery which took a little over 4 hours to complete. He has been in braces for two years and this surgery was needed to align his bite, allowing him to chew better so that his food would be properly processed. He is in a lot of pain and will have his jaw wired shut for 6 weeks. It is the hardest to be a parent and see your child in pain and feel so helpless. We had a couple of moments in recovery that were very scary for him & us. He was finally resting comfortably and I was able to come home for a couple of hours sleep before heading back. I ask you, dear blogging friends, to please say a prayer for him and keep him in your thoughts.



  1. Hi Toni,
    Bless your heart dear loving Mom. I have been in your shoes aeveral times with my son.
    Please know that all will be well. Take care of yourself so you can take care of him.


  2. It is always hard to see our children suffer when we can do nothing to stop the pain. Keep your eyes on the fact that in time it will be of such a benefit to him. Prayers are winging your way. Stella

  3. I was sorry to read that your son had to go through this painful surgery. My prayers will be with him and you as he recovers.

  4. Hi Toni!
    I said a prayer for you all!

  5. Sorry to read this. I will add your son and you to my prayers.

  6. It is so hard to see your child be in pain and not be able to help them. I'm praying that he will be comfortable soon.


  7. Toni:

    I have just said a prayer for you and your son. Praying that the both of you get through this with little discomfort and pain and only a promising future.

  8. Oh yuck! My cousin had that done and it came out very well. I hope he feels better soon. I know it is a hard one!
    Hugs, Lisa

  9. Hi Toni,
    Prayers going your way! Peace and quick healing. Get a good nights sleep.
    Deb :)

  10. Best of luck to your son for his recovery. I know what it is to ask for help. DH is still recovering from his surgery. Take care. ~Sue

  11. Bless his heart-and yours.You and your dear son have my prayers.


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