Sunday, September 13, 2009

Needing some JUNK time

It seems like I have been away for such a long time!! I haven't been able to share anything with all of you in Blogland because one of my sons took.....stole.....uh, borrowed my camera and forgot to bring it back from his friend's house. I have been keeping up with everyone, visiting your blogs, seeing all the wonderful things you have been up to, new projects, thrifty finds, fall decorating, wonderful recipes. Now I have my camera back and I am back on track. I was actually able to go to a couple of yard sales this weekend. I haven't been able to get out to the yard sales for a couple of weeks and I was needing some JUNK time. Seems like they are starting to slow down around here. I was able to pick up a couple of things, for some future projects that I will be selling.

First purchase was the cute cupboard with the wire insert on the door. The blackboard will go in my kitchen, the little fence piece is for a project.

I picked up the vintage basket....LOVE it!! along with the flower bucket at the same sale. The shabby white frame is a favorite also and will be used in a project that I will sell at the shop.

This little lady is not much to look at right now, but the price was so good that I couldn't resist taking her home.

She still has her original springs & webbing in the seat (still in good condition) and I love the nail heads. I can picture her painted a shabby white with a pretty floral fabric with just a little skirting to accentuate her legs. What do you think???

And I want to share with all of you that I will be having a giveaway soon...... My very FIRST Giveaway. I'm putting everything together and will post the giveaway in a couple of days.....

Until Later,



  1. Great finds! I love the little cabinet with the mesh! It's both got a 'country' feel and a 'shabby chic' feel! love it!

  2. Love the junk! hehe It will be great when you are done!
    Hugs, lisa

  3. Glad to see that you are back in the junkin' saddle!!!! Love your new finds!!!!
    Have a Blessed Week!

  4. I love all your finds! The cabinet is too cute; and that chalkboard is so neat! I just know that chair is going to turn out awesome. Yea, paint it white and she'll look so pretty!


  5. Hi Toni,
    Glad you back...those boys!!
    Yes...paint the sweet chair and add some prety will be lovely.
    We went to a couple of estate sales and I'm off to post about the finds from the weekend. Just had to stop over first.
    Deb :)

  6. Looks like you got some good things there. I wondered what happened to you, but I also know how life gets busy. Have a great week.

  7. That was some heck of a good Yardsales, love it all , the Cupboard was a GREAT find!! Hugs, Janna

  8. Fun, fun stuff. I love the lines of the chair. Oh, I bet you are really glad to have your camera back. I use my every day and would hate to go anywhere without it. Oh boy a giveaway. I will be checking back with you!

  9. Toni....Love the chair and I can visualize the exact same thing! Hope you got your camera back in one piece! I will be back for your give away!~Patti

  10. that chair is fabulous...
    love it.

  11. found some great stuff. You do some wonderful transformations so I anxious to see how your projects turn out! Looking forward to hearing about your giveaway too!

  12. Let me know when you have your give-a-way and I will post about it for you.
    Just checking in A-G-A-I-N
    My blog has been growing like gang busters and while that is great I haven't had much time to visit my blog friends. I decided I needed to make some time for some visits, cuz I just missed everyone too much. Come back over for a visit as well.

    Its So Very Cheri

  13. Love the curvaceousness of that chair! It's going to look great no matter what color you paint it! Love the huge basket and that frame too. Wonderful finds!


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