Thursday, August 13, 2009

I have to brag a little ;)

My son Tyler joined Payette River Bass Masters fishing club a couple of months ago. His first tournament was in June. Being a single mom, I didn't have the opportunity to take any of my boys fishing (nor did I really want to, fish. . . yuck!!) so Tyler has not had alot of fishing experience except for a couple of times with his uncle and previous step dad. After we moved to Idaho my boys have had alot of opportunities to hang out with their uncle and enjoy camping, fishing, shooting, quading and other "guy stuff". On one of the fishing trips Uncle Bentley noticed that Ty was a natural at fishing, especially his casting and suggested he join Bass Masters with him and fish competitively. Bentley has been in the club for a few years and has won 1st place several times.

Ty was excited and warned his uncle that he would be the one winning first place!! His first time out he placed 6th and the following tournaments did about the same. Then on his last tournament last weekend he placed 1st for total weight of the fish he caught! WOO HOO!! When he came home and I asked him how his fishing went, he said "I'm #1 !!!!".

Great job Ty!! Look at the smile on that kid's face!!

Until Later,


  1. That is great news. You have every right to brag that is no easy accomplishment. He looks so happy ! Congratulations, Lori

  2. CONGRATS! Mama & Son.... my Mom was a single mother too so I know how hard it can be. My little girls love to go fishing with their Dad they are so funny when they catch one.


  3. Well Done Tyler! You don't have to go fishing to be a good Mom!
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. It's always so wonderful when a kid finds his "thing" and what a wonderful hobby to do, it will bring peace to the soul! And his uncle is a wonderful man for sharing what he knows and for noticing the gift...Congrats to Tyler!

  5. Congratulations to you and your Son, Toni.
    You have every right to brag as you must be so proud of him. Such a wonderful hobby and healthy pastime.

    Enjoy your weekend

  6. Congratulations Mom (brag all you want to) and to Son Tyler (for catchng the fish)!!! I also was a single Mom. Been there - Done that - As you well know, it is tough.

  7. Good job, Ty! My son likes to fish, too, but mom neeveeer goes with...I prefer the smell of a rose bush. And I just looked at your previous yard sale that's my kind of fishing. Great post! Happy Pink Saturday!



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