Monday, August 17, 2009

Dreaming of a New Truck for the Tattered Cottage

A couple of weeks ago Ty & I went to our town park for the annual Shine & Show featuring vintage cars. I told Ty maybe I would find a new truck for The Tattered Cottage. I could see myself tooling around in a vintage truck while I was out junkin' !! Here are just a couple of photos of some beauties that caught my eye.

I know, I know, I couldn't get many junk treasures in this beauty but I loved the color and thought it would be fun just to have!

Now this one definitely would be wonderful to have!! Check out the bed !! Think of how much junkin' treasures I could fit in there!!!!
Here's another little beauty that has Tattered Cottage written all over it :)

I LOVE, LOVE this one!!! The color of this one would bring out the baby blue of my eyes! LOL

Oooooooooh. . . . . .I'm GREEN with envy!

This little gem is black & white and vintage all over!!!

Of course, Tyler found a few he wouldn't mind having parked in our garage!!! Like this sweet vet!!

He can also picture himself behind the wheel in this one!! (Momma can see herself in this one!)

As Ty said. . . . . ."Eye Candy" with some muscle!!

This one is all MUSCLE!!

Gotta love small towns!!! The next few pictures are of the highlight of the day!!! Outlaw lawn mower racing!! We had never seen the likes of this and soooooo enjoyed it!! These lawn mowers have suped up engines and are Loud & FAST!

This guy here was so fast that I was lucky to get a picture of him. See his front tire is starting to come off the ground. FAST!!!!

I had plenty of time to get a picture of his competition! LOL

It was easier getting a picture of this speed demon when it was parked!

A little fine tuning.

Even the ladies got in on the action!! Love the pink mower.

Ty & I think we may participate in the Outlaw Lawn Mower racing next year!! Ha Ha just kidding!!
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  1. What fun! I wouldn't mind a few of those vehicles myself. Good for you finding some pink in the land of testosterone!

  2. My husband and I enjoy going to cruise ins and seeing all the beautiful classic cars....these were great! Alot of $$ sitting there!~Patti

  3. Awesome cars. I love seeing old/vintage cars. They're so cool. My fave is that red convertible. :)

  4. I would love to have one of those old trucks to be able to pick up good yard sale buys that are too big for my car! Linda

  5. This was a treat! Thanks for taking us along to "Shine & Show!" Great event name, by the way!
    The concept of mower racing was new to me ... what fun!

  6. Oh I'll have to show my husband these pictures! He will just love them! I've always wanted a truck! Now that red flat bed one would be great!


  7. Oh Toni I think the pink tractor has your name all over it!

  8. They are all so cute and interesting! The lawnmowers racing is so funny!

  9. Looks like a fantastic time! I love love LOVE the little orange pick up!! Ooooh so sweet!


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