Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy 20th Birthday Chris & Cody!!

Happy Birthday to my twins, Christopher & Cody.
Today they celebrate their 20th birthday!!
I am so proud of my sons.
Not only were they a joy to raise, but they have grown into
wonderful young men.
I made a decision when my twins were 12 months old
and I was at the end of my pregnancy
with my youngest to leave their father
and raise my sons as a single mom.
It wasn't an easy decision and at times
it was difficult financially.
Finances being as they were, I was not able to pay for college for my children.
But that hasn't stopped the twins from securing their
Christopher has enrolled himself into college, securing loans and
grants to pay for his tuition. All of this he is doing on his own.
I'm sure other kids have done this, but I am so proud of him
for wanting a college degree and for showing such determination & responsibility.
Cody has been on his own, since he was 18, fully supporting himself.
He too, wants to secure his future and has looked towards the military for his education
while defending our great country. I am so proud of him, he has wanted to join
the military since he was about 16-17. The time is right for him and
he will begin basic training in August.
I want to thank my sons for being the wonderful boys that they are, raising them was truly a pleasure, making it so easy to be their mother.
I Love you both with All my Heart.
Happy Birthday!!
Love Mom

My 3 Sons
Cody, Christopher & Tyler


  1. Hi Toni!
    You have very nice young men! Being a single Mom is huge! You did good! Happy Birthday to your sons

  2. Happy Birthday to your sons!! I wish them much success in their future!
    Looking forward to Spring!

  3. Congratulations on raising such fine young men. You obviously set a very good example for them. There are so many times along the way that we as mothers wonder if we are making the right choices...Today you must be feeling pretty happy with how you did!
    Happy Birthday boys!

  4. What handsome sons you have. I hope your son's had a great Birthday. Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope you have a great week! BTW, love how you repurposed the door, great idea.


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