Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunar Eclipse

Two astronomical events...last night's lunar eclipse and today's winter solstice. Today's winter solstice isn't much of a visual event but if you stayed up last night to watch the lunar eclipse, I'm sure you enjoyed the show. My son, Tyler and I were crazy enough to stay up and watch the eclipse which started about 11:30 - midnight and lasted a little over an hour. I was not able to take any photos of the event.....but at about 10:00 last night we were outside checking to see if the eclipse had started and were amazed at just how bright the evening sky was.

It literally almost felt like it was daytime. Living in the country, we don't have the street lights to light up our property so it is usually very dark around our house at night. But last night with the somewhat clear sky and the moon reflecting off of the snow....it was bright enough for us to see the shadow from the trees on the snow covered ground. I took a few pictures to share.

All of these photos were taken last night around 10:30 without the flash . That's why they are a little grainy and blurred.

Check out the sky, you can see the clouds and
this photo doesn't show it but the sky looked blue.

Shadows on the snow from the tree. And the lights from
town in the distance. Most nights we would need a
flashlight to see this fence. We are talking a
BRIGHT night.

Tyler's shadow.

Look at the sky in this photo....see the blueness of the sky and
the white clouds above the trees?
That is how it looked last night.

I love how the sky looked above our barn.

From the front of our house, across the field looking
at the neighbor's house. Usually we can't see
across the road let alone the neighbor's house.

The lights in the distance to the left is
Bogus Basin ski resort, well over 50 miles

Until Later,


  1. Lovely ethereal pics! I am sure the eclipse and the Winter solstace will bring change to our teetering world. Thanks for the lovely post

  2. Those are cool photos! WOW!!! Guess I missed something awesome.
    Merry Christmas, Toni!!!
    deb :)

  3. Just Awesome Photos.... We have overcase sky in the Sonora Desert.. Thanks for Sharing :-)

    Merry Christmas, Toni !!!
    Winter Blessings

  4. Great pictures - thanks for sharing them with us.
    I did not stay up to see the eclipse, but it was cloudy here anyway.
    Hope you are enjoying the holidays.

  5. Wow! What beautiful pictures. I didn't find out about the eclipse until today.. That didn't help me too much. I remember doing an oral report on eclipse's in the sixth grade.... It would probably help if I could remember any of that information.... but, it really was a LONG time ago, so I have an excuse.

    Merry, merry Christmas,

  6. Very cool photos. I didn't stay up to see the eclipse but my son and his friends were up and went out to see it. Too bad they didn't get any pics.
    Have a very Merry Christmas!!

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  8. What cool photos! I wish I could say I saw the eclipse, but I slept right through it all.

    Yeah. I missed Hailey's comet, too.
    Have a Merry Christmas, Toni!

  9. that was so cool...girl youngin' came in and woke me at 1:30 so we could go out and see it...it was awesome!


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