Wednesday, September 8, 2010


With the weather getting cooler I find myself baking more.
Banana Nut Bread.
Just a simple recipe from my 1963 McCall's Recipe Book.
But, oh so yummy.....

I love how my home warms with the delicious aromas.
My boys enjoy the fruits of my labor.....
just as I did when I was a young girl
and my mom would bake.

While I was baking my thoughts drifted to when I was young and I would come home to the smell of my mom's homemade cinnamon rolls. In the country where we lived...she was famous for them and her homemade bread. There would be bowls of dough rising on the stove, always covered with a cloth. Trays of cinnamon rolls cooling, waiting to be frosted with mom's delicious frosting. Once she rolled out the dough on our kitchen table, us kids would be allowed to help spread the melted butter, cinnamon and sugar. With her recipe she would make cinnamon rolls, bear claws and during the holidays she would twist the dough into candy cane shapes and make the stripes out of strawberry jelly and frosting........oh they were mouth watering delicious! We lived in the country and us kids attended a little two room country school. Whenever we had a class party, both teachers and all my classmates begged for me to bring my mother's homemade cinnamon rolls. She would always oblige. I remember one such occasion, I promised my class that my mom would make her cinnamon rolls, only I forgot to tell her until bedtime, which at that time was 9:00. Because she used yeast and the dough had to rise a couple of times, my mom stayed up all night making those cinnamon rolls for me and my classmates.......frosting them as she drove me to school........never once did she complain.

She has been gone 14 years next month...I miss her terribly.....and I cherish the memories of mom's famous cinnamon rolls.

Toni ♥


  1. Toni!

    I bet those cinnamon rolls were amazing! Your banana bread too! What an awesome memory of your wonderful mom. I will be sure to treasure my mom even more after reading this...thank you for that!


  2. What a great memory. That banana bread looks so good.

  3. Your banana bread looks so yummy! What a beautiful memory of your mother you shared.It made me smile..... and miss my mom even more! She passed away 5 years ago this week.

  4. What a wonderful memory. My mom makes cinnamon rolls too and i've never been able to master the recipe.. i think it's because i love it when she makes them!!! your bread looks wonderful,

  5. That looks so yummy I can almost smell it. I must be hungry. My mom always makes cinnamon rolls for two special occasions each year. They have a special place in my heart too.
    April @

  6. Toni what beautiful memories. Your mom was so sweet not to complain. I'm ashamed to say it wouldn't be how I would have! The memories you carry of your mother will keep her with you forever.
    I was a baking mom, and I love to bake when the kids come home to visit.I wasn't famous for anything I made, but I think I make a pretty mean loaf of bread. I love the smells (and tastes) of a home when one bakes.

  7. What wonderful childhood memories to have of your mom. She sounds like she was wonderful. :)
    Your banana nut bread looks YUMMY! I'll be having some of my homemade banana nut bread for brunch this morning.
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Jo :)

  8. Hi Toni,
    I really enjoyed reading your story. That's a wonderful memory for sure. Can you just smell those cinnamon rolls as you recall the story? I think you need to run a copy of this post and tuck it away with the recipe for them (if you have it....your mother sounds like such a good baker that she probably didn't use a recipe). One day your grandkids, etc. will love to read about how their great-great grandmother used to make the most delicious cinnamon rolls. It's a wonderful story to pass through the generations.

  9. Hi Toni
    What expression of love for your Mother,So enjoyed your posts,I also have wounderful memories of a Mother who bake and sold her Candies and Breads from her little country Farm House Kitchen I was always at her side learning her secrets..



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