Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Treasure Found

I forgot to share with you one of the treasures I found this weekend.....I know...I'm bad like that.

First thing that drew me was the color.......I'm starting to like green.....Can you tell?

Then of course it had the perfect amount of chippyness with more green underneath.......gotta love it

And it is functional........you can use it as a cabinet if you want (it's missing the shelves, but that is an easy fix)

Another attraction....it's old and in perfect condition, the gal I bought it from said it was her great grandfather's......from the war.......WWII that is. I took it to a friend of mine who is an antiques dealer and he confirmed that it was indeed WWII military. Happy Dance!

She had two, one was blue, which was a military foot locker that had been her dad's...I bought that one too. Both at a steal....really I could be arrested :) I'm selling the blue one. But this little green darlin' I think will make a great end table! What do you think?
Until Later,


  1. Yes, it would make a great end table and I sure would keep that sweet baby.


  2. I hated green as a child. It was one of my brother's favorite color. I was a purple and red girl. But, in the last year or two, I've gotten smitten with green...not grass green, but the shades like this trunk are in. That is an awesome buy. I recently took an old buffet and painting it a similar green. It's on my blog.
    Come and visit.

  3. what an awesome treasure. I love how it has instructions on how it can be used...and also the fact that it is from WWII military. My Dad and his two brothers were WWII vets, and I hold all the family memorablia ...uniforms and what-not...but no foot locker...enjoy! :)

  4. Oh Toni, it's gorgeous!! I love that it also has a story it just adds to its charm :)

    I was so glad for you visit and your lovely encouraging comment, I never thought I would be an inspiration to anyone so you made my day, thank you, Toni!
    I can't wait to see the beautiful charms that you create.

  5. I'm feeling those trunks...I too would have bought them without a second thought...Thanks so much for visiting and entering my giveaway...it means so much to me that you took the time out....cynthia

  6. that's a great trunk to treasure...love your before and after post...thanks for dropping by...happy mom's day! verbena cottage

  7. Toni,
    That trunk is fabulous as is! You're so lucky to have found 2 of these babies!!!


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