Saturday, April 10, 2010

Surprise.......A little Sunshine

I received a little sunshine this not from Mr. Sun, who finally decided to show his face, it was even better than that. I found this wonderful little surprise in my inbox this morning. Sweet Sharon over at My Life at Pansy Cottage, sent me a Sunshine Award. She is such a sweet and talented lady. She sews beautiful pillows and aprons and has a darling online shop......Pansy Cottage and Garden. And her beautiful "Places to Go" pillows are featured in the new May issue of Romantic Homes (page 29). If you haven't been by her blog, stop by and see all of her beautiful handcrafted treasures.

Now I am supposed to pick 12 people to share this award with. You may already know these women, maybe not, but here is my list of women who are extremely talented, make me smile and where I find so much inspiration. Click on their names to visit their wonderful blogs:



  1. Toni, thank you SO MUCH. I am honored to be given this award from you and also to be amongst the other lovely bloggers on your list.

    Toni, I have to say I am so very sorry to see that your beloved Baby Bear passed away. My heart hurts for you. May God give you ((hugs)) and peace.


  2. Aw, shucks Toni. You are so sweet to put me in the category with all those great bloggerettes!
    I am honored and blushing at the same time.

    I too am so sorry about your sweet Baby Bear.

    Hugs my sweet friend.


  3. Thank you so much Toni!!! I love your blog too. And did you know that it just donned on me that you too are an Idaho gal. Too cool!

  4. toni! thank you so much for your mention of patinaWHITE! i am humbled by your post! and i always look forward to your visits to my corner of the world! many thanks my friends in all things chippy and grand!

    :) beth

  5. Thank you so much, that is so sweet of you! All the best wishes for your birthday:-) Hugs Heidi


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