Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What was your favorite gift????

Christmas has come and gone, but the memories of family, great food, celebrations and traditions are still lingering. Part of the lingering is the happiness brought by the gifts received. I love everything my sons picked out for me, slippers, new gloves, perfume, bath luxuries, etc.....but the gift that really made my heart go pitter patter was the new set of tools from my SIL. My drill and sander were both on their last leg and I was tired of hoping and praying they would last for one more project! This year we drew names and Cindy drew mine. The set came with a drill, small circular saw (handy for picture frame projects, trim work, etc) and two batteries with a charger. I love that it says "starter set"! And she also bought me the sander that I have been wanting. Christmas night I had both batteries fully charged and ready to start working!! WOO HOO!!! What was your favorite present??

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  1. My favorite GIFT..
    altho I was very ill at Christmas with the CRUD,,
    I was able to prepare my Christmas dinner..
    But the best gift was Time..I had rushed for two months, flying to Florida. hurrying and scurrying with errands and such..
    suffice to poor body was was simply tired.and needed rest..
    ..I was so thankful to have the luxury of a calm and quiet afternoon and evening of Christmas enjoy the sights and sounds of the season..while at a "date" with my computer!!
    warm hugs..laughing smiles..
    Happy New Year!


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